4 Things I’m Doing to Create Time Abundance

4 Things I'm Doing To Create Time Abundance

Something I value more than money is time.

You may be different and value different things, but I hate wasting time.

Probably because I feel there is more money in the world than there is time.

So, for you, my she-gang, posse, lady mafia, tribe (for the men too!) or whatever we call ourselves these days – we need to do a little time audit.

If you haven’t already tracked how much time it takes for you to do little things, start keeping track – like a lawyer!

Then you go through and see what you can do to save time or rearrange time or what will make your life flow.

4 Things I’m Doing This Year to Create Time Abundance:

#1: Outsourcing Groceries

I’m officially done going every day or 2 to grab little things at the grocery store. I’ll still probably do the big Costco run but that’s all I’m up for in a month. I find I spend like 2 hours a week between driving and grabbing a few things here and there…. Not planned out well. You can use a home delivery service. I live out of town, so I’m planning on sending my nanny now that she can drive. It’s just down the road. She just got her licence! So cool!

BONUS: You don’t waste money on all the extra crap you don’t need, like when you buy Joe clothes at Superstore.

#2: Outsourcing Hair & Eyelashes

If I could outsource showers, I would. I don’t know why I hate them so much! I found that eye lashes save me from doing my makeup! I don’t wear mascara nor eye shadow – go figure. Plus, doing my hair once on Monday for the week saves me literally an hour each day as blow drying and straightening my frizzy half curled natural hair (horse hair as my sisters call it) takes a lot of time to tame!

BONUS: You go through way less product for hair and make-up, but I am using dry shampoo more often!

#3: Outsourcing Social Media

I’ve hired an amazing girl to help me with my social media. I already know that will save me hours upon hours of time.

BONUS: No using all my good brain cells on coming up with content! Plus, I’m never on Facebook and rarely on Instagram, so if you actually need me to see an event or something, you’ll need to PM, text or email me the old fashioned way!

#4: Outsourcing My Home Stuff

7 years of having a spotless home, laundry done, beds made and dinner on the table is priceless…. I’m not kidding. I would rather work at McDonald’s and come home to a clean, calm, peaceful, orderly home than do it myself. My energy is spent on what I’m good at and not at fighting with my kids or husband over cleaning. I always joke, it’s like having my own wife. Best Investment EVER! (Yes, for the most part I haven’t cooked, cleaned or done laundry in 7 years. But don’t worry, if you feel scared of forgetting your domestic duties, it’s like riding a bike, it all comes back to you! LOL!)

BONUS: There’s so many. I don’t know where to begin. I can only create when my mind and physical space is clean and decluttered and organized, so for me to be able to write you this, with my coffee, candle & incense burning knowing there’s not a dish to do later or laundry in the back of my head is priceless and helps me do my job better. I used to do both, and guess what, my work suffered like crazy. The house always came first.

There you go, take it or leave it. It’s just how I flourish best. (I have friends who flourish in messes, I just wasn’t programmed that way. I’m borderline psycho-cleaner – I can’t do anything with stuff out of place. Yikes!)

Lots of my friends, or women will come up to me and say I’m lucky for having all this amazing help. I’m not, I just made these decisions and said, this is what I need to be able to do the work I was put here to do.

This also doesn’t mean that one day, I won’t cook or clean full time.

I still love to bake and cook and even clean, and even more so now because it’s special and not just out of frustration. I have way more JOY when I cook and bake now than I ever did before. I also appreciate how much hard work goes into keeping a house humming and organized and clean.

Implementing all of these time saving ideas were all hard to suck up at first. All of them. Financially. Some days, even now they are hard to suck up.

I remember the first time I had to pay my nanny or even a babysitter. I remember the first few times I paid for my lashes or my hair or how I committed to getting an assistant and increasing her salary and hours worked.


It was something new. Something I committed to, but looking back, I don’t think I’d have been able to produce the work I’ve produced, changed literally thousands of lives in some small way, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that unless I audited my time, made decisions to get rid of the things that caused me stress or I could have someone else do. (I love doing social media and I’m very good at it, but first of all, it’s not my calling {it’s my platform} and secondly, I know I can pay someone who can do it better than me, so as the CEO of my life, I did just that.)

So, I want to leave this with you today.

Is there something BIG you want to do, but you feel you don’t have enough time?

If you feel scared to hire help, look at your reasons why. 9 times out of 10 its because of a money block or feelings/thoughts of lack and scarcity that money won’t be available.

Do a time audit. Hire even a little bit of help.

What can someone else do better than you?

See where you can create more time in your life.

Because, like all things, what we resist persists and what we commit to happens.

And for the record, I’ve thought many times just to quit, lay off my help, and then I remember……

I am here for a bigger purpose. Shrinking and becoming small is NOT my goal.

(Plus, I’m providing 2+ jobs for people (plus many contractors) who LOVE working for me. LOL – maybe they don’t, but I love them and I would give them the world if I could. I’m a great boss. This I know and it’s a role I’m learning and stepping further into.)


Showing what is possible.

Living in True Abundance is my Calling.

It’s also yours.

Live Your Legacy!

xx L