What She Said

“I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing some of your financial passion and knowledge with us!! I had an ‘AH HA MOMENT’ when you talked about “caring for your money”. I’ve always said (even out loud) that I don’t really care about money, and that I’m not attached to it. You made me realize that I LOVE MONEY, AND I CARE ABOUT MY MONEY!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️?. Changing my mindset around money is the breakthrough that I needed to move powerfully forward in my business success! I truly appreciate you! ?

  • Lorenda, 50, Calgary, AB


“We have been a client of Ellements Group for over 13 years, and we have seen the benefits of doing proper insurance planning first hand.  When I was 44, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and because we had a proper insurance plan in place through Ellements Group, which included Critical Illness insurance, my family and I were able to make it through my cancer treatment financially unharmed.  Trust me, this was a huge blessing!  Not only do you need to have a proper insurance and financial plan in place, you need to have the right planner that can help you make sense of the insurance jungle out there and has the knowledge and expertise in this area.  Lisa is that person for my family and she’s FUN.”

  • Andrea, 47, Calgary, AB


“Ellements Group wasn’t the first financial planning company I spoke with.  For years, I went to my bank with all my planning concerns and never had dealt with the same person twice.  When I work with Lisa she spends time on educating me on what I need to know more than she did trying to sell me anything.  After she spoke and she addressed all my concerns about my current situation and my future goals, I became a client.  For the first time in this industry I felt valued as a person, not just as another client lost in the big banking world.”

  • Sharla, Age 35, Cochrane, AB


“As a young working Mom, it is important to me to know that our family has adequate savings, life insurance, & critical illness insurance. I always manage our daily finances, however never had a clue where I needed to start with long term smart planning.  After just one day of taking Ellements Group up on their offer to review my portfolio, Lisa was able to ease my fear of making uneducated decisions and start putting complex strategies into terms that I actually understood and valued.  One month and a few meetings later I have confidence in speak about finances to friends and family and had security in knowing that our family had was investing in smart choices.  I couldn’t have done it without the supportive approach to education I received at Ellements Group.”

  • Natalie, Age 33, Calgary, AB


“I had trust issues.  For years I trusted my bank to provide me with expert financial planning advice. And while I thought I was happy with their solutions, it wasn’t until Lisa opened my eyes up to a much wider landscape of options.  That’s when I realized my bank was really more interested in selling what they had than finding the absolute best fit solution for my needs. Now that I have seen how Ellements Group works to both understand my unique situation, and find the best fit solution for my needs – trust issues gone and I won’t settle for less!”

  • Andrea, Age 36, Calgary, AB