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Bad Advice

Bad Advice

You get bad advice all the time without even knowing it!

(This post included!!)

Minus the obvious bad advice that we get –

like that one time in grade two when some boys advised me to stick my tongue on the monkey bars in winter –

there is so much advice we get that is bad for us, but at first never appears to actually be bad advice.

Advice wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Pretty advice in designer boxes with beautiful ribbons.

We trust it.

It looks nice and fluffy and how can a cute little sheep give us bad advice – after all – look around –

ALL the sheep are doing it.

Ya, so you know what I’m going to say here.

But I want to mention this.

Stop giving your power away to all the people who are trying to give you well meaning advice.

Now, this is coming from a “financial advisor”.

First of all, I will never call my self a “financial advisor” again.

I realized years ago that I’m more of a financial options person.

In my practice, I just want to educate and provide all the options for my clients so they can make the best decision for them.

I literally just say – “Here are you options, what works best for you.”

I dread giving advice – cause then I’ll have to eat my own words at some point (or all the time!)

You see, my path, my calling, my business, my life, my financial DISASTERS and my money lessons are mine.

Yours are yours.

And yet we all know this, however, we are still so desperately seeking the manual.

You know, the manual that tells us how to live life, what to do and what not to do.

The manual.

And when there is lack of manual or written step-by-step guides for us to follow, we then turn to the sheeple.

Sheeple who give us advice.

I get it.

How great would it be some days to just turn off the brain, shut the computer down and fly on auto pilot for a while and just coast through life? (wow – lots of mixed analogies there! 🙂 )


I’ll be the first to say so, but NO LUCKO BELLO!

So now we are faced with all the words, all the videos, all the talks, all the friends & family & co-worker’s advice.

We are literally getting it from everywhere.

And here is what I think is happening.

We are listening to all the people instead of truly being decisive about which messages are for us and which are not for us.

I’m the queen of this.

I think what everyone has to say makes sense for the most part.

And this seriously has lead to my demise….well almost.

I learned years ago not to take all the advice that was handed down to me, especially from well meaning people who are close to you – that’s the sneaky advice that gets into your brain and slushes around there for a while.

I got (and still get) advice on how to birth babies, how to raise kids, how to eat, how to exercise, how to run my business, how to cut back on expenses, how to grow marketing, how to do my hair (so I just don’t now! HA!), what surgeries to get (seriously), what to wear, what not to wear – I mean come on humans – the list of advice we get is overwhelming and ridiculous sometimes.

Google gives out some good advice as well, sometimes.

And here is my point for those who really want to accomplish something extraordinary with their life.

Choose very carefully who you receive your advice from.

99% of the advice is not for you.

Sure, it sounds good.

Sure, it makes sense.

Sure, it’s even common sense.

Sure, it came from a “trusted” source.

Sure, it’s what everyone else would do.

BUT it’s probably not for you.

The more you learn to TRUST yourself and TRUST that voice inside of you – your God voice – that is when you will be able to say to no to advice.

You will be able to gracefully smile and nod and be respectful when well meaning “bad” advice is thrust upon you, and then continue on your own path.

You will be stronger in saying “NO” to things, events, relationships, jobs that no longer serve you.

Your boundaries will become clear.

You will have extraordinary clarity.

And I forgot to mention the biggest thing about receiving bad advice and that is that it is the biggest time waster when you entertain it and go down its rabbit hole!

Bad advice actually pulls you away from your goals!

It puts you two steps back.

Bad advice pulls you right off track and out of alignment.

I’ve received advice that I would entertain, maybe for days, and then to realize it wasn’t for me, yet I think deep down I so hoped it was.

I wanted the answers now. I wanted other people’s advice for my life to be right so I could just push my brain into auto-pilot.

But we aren’t that lucky.

We were put here for the GREY areas.

You know – that place in between my two favorite colors (and entire wardrobe!) BLACK & WHITE.

We were put here on the earth to sort through the grey and make our own paths to our black & white.

We get to choose what words we keep and what we throw out.

And all that well meaning “bad” advice will have to be put aside so we can do what we came here to do.

Your soul will be miserable if you don’t tuck 99% of that advice aside.

That’s what’s at stake.

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa

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Start with Suck

Start With Suck

Do something as a beginner.

It’s beautiful.

Seriously, you are at an age – any age really – when we do feel we ought to have figured it all out and done it.

We are experts.

And once we reached expert status in our chosen field, we decided to not be a beginner again.

Can you really blame us?

It took us years to go to school, get a degree, read books, school of hard knocks more than once – more like a million times – and so we rightfully do deserve expert status in our lives, our love, our careers – all of it.

So we deserve it and then we stay there.

We hang our hats on our profession, our titles, the roles we play.

HOWEVER, what happens to most of us who’ve been around the block before is that we get stale.

We still have dreams lurking inside us and the fear of starting something new is too great.

Because starting something new means we have to go back down to “Beginner Status” which, as we’ve already determined we’ve long since passed.

And I don’t mean about “fun” activities, like trying parasailing or skiing for the first time at age 50.

I’m talking about the things that your heart desires on a deeper level, the things you know without a shadow of a doubt you know you can help other people with but it may take you to step into a new skill or try something totally out of your area of expertise.

It’s going to be something that pushes you to the next level.

BUT what stepping out into your dreams for most of us means we are going to have to be a beginner at something.

And yes, there are the odd people to which stepping out in something they REALLY desire doesn’t even phase them at all.

I so wish I was like that.

Working on it.

And the truth is that let’s say a majority of us, if not 98% of us, really have fear about stepping into try something new.

Especially when society thinks we should perhaps already have that skill.

In fact, I sit with clients all the time in their 40,50,60,70 – and 80’s – where they say things like, “oh, I know I should know by now how to invest but I never did pay attention to it and now it’s too late.”

2 Things.

You shouldn’t should yourself.


It’s Never too late.

I see so many people in my life, not just clients, but so many women who know there’s something they want to do or learn but they feel it’s passed them by.

Everything from being on TV to learning tech to learning how to invest in the stock market or real estate to learning a new language.

The thing is this.

It’s okay to suck at something.

You have to put your SUCK out there.

Take me for example.

I got a D in college English 101.

I knew I sucked at school from about grade 10 to 12.

I was also told not to write any story – ever!

That was in college.

My stories sucked.

I know why now, but back then I thought writing (and art / music – ALL OF IT) was so stupid to MARK, GRADE & JUDGE because it is so subjective – which just frustrated me even more!

But then in my growing wisdom, yes, wisdom – I realized I had a message that I wanted to share.

I realized this 10 years after I left college.

And then after 10 years of no writing – just math – as I had entered into the financial world – I decided to start writing – knowing full well – at the age of 30 that I was a bad writer AND knowing full well I failed English in college (except for the begging to my professor to pass me and the promise never to write short stories ever again!)

So I started writing.

And it was bad.

And it was bad.

And it was bad.

And it was bad.

And I did it every day and it was bad.

And my friends and colleagues would look at my writing and point out where it was bad.


About a million words into it….






I became more confident.

I stepped into my own voice.

I stopped caring completely or at all what any one thinks about my writing or my message.

I got even better at grammar and spelling to the point where I type and now may only find one or two mistakes in a whole piece.

But it took practice.


The kind where you have something so important you want to get out of your soul and into the world kind of passion.

And it will drain you, make you sick, fill you up, challenge you in all the ways to SUNDAY, light you up and take you down to meet the devil himself and you will still feel like a failure even when you succeeded and it will play with your head until you stop letting it.


Emotional. Physical. Spiritual. Scary. Work.

But it must be done.

Your soul won’t allow it not to be done.

It’s like part of the package that the stork dropped you off with.

The suitcase of dreams and desires that were always there. You dragged them around with you your whole life.

You just finally allowed them out to play with you.

Here’s my point. The bottom line. The finale.

You have to be a beginner often throughout your life especially if you want to create something great outside of yourself.

You have to not just begin but you also have to continue on before you become an expert at something, which is hard and exhausting!

You have to decide not to quit when you suck.

You will suck.

You will suck for sometime.


You will get better.



You will be AWESOME!

You will blow your mind and the mind of others.

And then, my darling, my beautiful soul,

YOU WILL IMPACT and TRANSFORM the world in your own way.

It will be a beautiful display of endurance, perseverance, consistency, and practice.

You will inspire others by doing the thing you are doing.

You will inspire new generations to be doctors, writers, artists, athletes, investors, business owners, trades people.

You will have lived your legacy out today.

So don’t quit.

Start with the suck.


Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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What Metrics Are You Judging Your Success By?


When I say the word “Metric” that will make most economists water at the mouth, it will make the rest of us “normal” people cringe.

Personally, I love me a good metric – when it relates to me or the work I’m doing.

HOWEVER, my blurb today on metrics has nothing really to do with numbers at all.

I think this topic is something so many people, including businesses, don’t take time to think about.

AND they need to.


Because when you don’t think about the metrics you are judging YOUR success by you end up defaulting to the worlds metrics for success – which by the way – are just the metrics you have conjured up in your head of what and where the world think’s you “should” be, which again, is some HOOEY-BALOOEY thing your brain is stuck on because it hasn’t taken the time to PROPERLY set METRICS for your life.

Things, choices, decisions that YOU get to choose to judge YOUR success by.

No one else gets to judge your success.

We need to know what success looks like.


Because we NEED to feel proud of ourselves.

One of the core desired feelings I personally want, and I know most people want is to take pride in their work, their lives, what they’ve created.

I want to feel proud.

And guess what….

When you are judging yourself compared to the world and the things you haven’t accomplished yet, you will feel unsuccessful – which is a crappy emotion to bear and will only bear you more of that in your life…


It’s like going back to goal setting, but a little different – this is about setting up what success really looks like for you so when you hit it, you know you are there…


you can make the choice to go on to bigger and better, while still feeling successful and not feeling like you are on the never ending hamster wheel never going anyplace at all.

You were meant to climb many mountains in this life.

You weren’t meant to stay on one mountain your whole life.

But this is why defining your success metrics are so important.

At some point on the mountain, bottom, middle or top, you need to look around and say “It is good.” (Yes, also known as ‘enjoying the journey not just the destination’.)

Like what God said when He created the world and looked around and said “It is good.”

Just like that.

You need to know what’s good.

Doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

It means you succeeded at something you set out to accomplish.

Okay, here’s the ideas list of possible metrics to judge your success by to get your juices flowing and determine what success means to you. (AND yes, I encourage you to journal on this, write it out, state it out on paper for your business, your company, for your family!)

  • Work From Anywhere – Lifestyle Metric
  • Work Whenever You Feel Like It – Lifestyle Metric
  • Work Maximum 10 or 20 Hours a week while making the money you want to make to cover what you want to do – Lifestyle Metric
  • Gross Revenue Goal – Business Metric
  • Net Profits Goal – Business Metric
  • Consistent Cash Flow Minimum Goal – Business Metric
  • Time to Spend With Kids/Family/Caregiving – Love Metric
  • 3-6 Months Travel or Vacation Per Year
  • Growing Your Client Base by a certain % per year
  • Getting rid of clients no longer serving you or your vision!
  • Growing Your Team By a certain % per year
  • Completing a Massive Dream Project
  • Making enough money so you can complete a massive dream project on the side
  • Changing/Impacting/Transforming One Life or a Million Lives This Year with your work
  • Having Your Home Paid Off or other dream project
  • Saving up for something CRAZY!
  • Having Enough Passive Income to Not Worry About Money
  • How Many Dogs & Cats You Can Care For
  • Being In Love – Relationship Metrics

I mean, these are literally a few off the top of my head – brain dump to be certain – but there are millions more and the best part….








I have clients who are insanely successful doing exactly what they want to be doing, and they ain’t millionaires – they just have enough passive income to live the life they want to live.

It’s beautiful to witness.

It always makes me tear up in happiness to witness these people.

They are successful.


I think if we were to tune in and really see what it takes to be a success in our eyes only, the picture would look a lot different than what we think success should look like.

MEANING SUCCESS CAN LOOK LIKE MAKING $40,000 a year and NOT A $1,000,000 a year.

Side Note: THIS IS NOT A TALK ON WORTHINESS! You are worthy AND you are allowed to aim for success metrics. One is a deep knowing you are worthy and good as you are, the other is a choice, responsibility to utilize & share your God given gifts.

It’s interesting because what success is to one is not success to another.

And that’s wherein lies the problem as we discuss success metrics with the other humans, not having defined it for ourselves.

We get swayed.

We get PUSHED.

Too often.

Wanna know my success metrics?

Some of them are very steep mountains. (I have signed up for rock climbing I’m sure of it!)

They are all different mountain tops and will occur in different seasons of my life, as will yours.

Writing and publishing a book was definitely one of my dreams and thus a success metric for me.

That to me is the success metric.

Do I feel proud of what I’ve accomplished, what I’m creating?


Now, am I any where I want to be yet?


But, I am still a success.

I’m very happy & proud of the body of work I’ve created.

My business has grown this year. – I would say by at least 30% or more. I don’t actually know the exact numbers off hand, but knowing it’s in the right direction is all I need to know to keep going and growing. (You can ask Pam what my numbers are, she knows and tells me and I smile and nod and just know there’s more work to be done, do I don’t really care about the numbers – in that sense, I just need to know I’m headed in the right direction at this point.)

Success Metrics.

Did I do the work? Did I do it the best I could? Did I love the best I could?

What are yours?

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa

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Chase The Energy

I believe that in life there are VERY few things that you should chase.

In fact, I would most times say the very act of chasing leads to not attaining the exact thing you are chasing.

The desperate act of chasing naturally pushes what you so desire away.

Anyone ever try losing weight only to gain weight?

Ya. Point in fact.

Which makes sense, because of course, law of attraction kicks into high gear and attracts to you more desperation and the chasing of the thing you so desire.

And hence you don’t get it because you are actually pushing it away by wanting it so badly.

Follow me here?

So, why then chase the energy?

Let me step back and ask you this –

Do you remember a time when you were so full of life, lit up, excited about something and it naturally made every part of your life naturally flow and you felt like nothing could take you down and it just felt like your life was on easy street – or you could’ve been the lead character in your favorite musical?

Yes, we all have times in our life when we have felt lit up about something.

That naturally attracted all the other things we wanted to us more easily.

It’s because you were in flow.

And I’m also not suggesting that one will always stay in this state of flow – however, that’s where chasing the energy comes into play.

If you were to actually hustle, or chase or go after one thing – it would be to create how you want to feel.

That’s all you are after anyways.

The feeling.

That’s all anyone really wants – it’s the feeling of a healthy fit body, the feeling of what it’s like to have lots of money, the feeling of being in love, etc.

We are all chasing feelings without actually chasing feelings because most of us still think it’s the weight loss, lover, money – all the stuff outside us that will make us feel good.

But it won’t.

It may help for a short period of time – but once again we humans get BORED!

Yup, we get bored.

Let’s be honest – accomplishing any goal is great for like a day – but that wears off and we are onto climbing our next mountain and back to feeling like we will never reach our goals – even if we’ve already climbed 10 mountains in the past year.

You got me here?

So, you actually want to manifest your life faster, climb that mountain faster, get to the goal faster?

You have to chase the energy.

What does that actually mean?

You actually only have one job.

I’ve mentioned this before, but now with a different spin.

You have to protect your HIGH VIBE at all costs.

You have to find what’s really REALLY going to light you up and do that thing.

And it may change.

It may change daily, weekly, monthly – whenever the thing changes, you need to change, otherwise you will get sucked into a “I’m Bored” or “I don’t know what I want to do” or “Life Sucks” energy field.


I wrote the book on this one – I’m sure you can relate.

What jazzed you up a while ago no longer does.

You either need to find a way to breath new life into your projects, relationships, jobs, etc and find a way to get EXCITED about it again.

It’s all part of the programming – re-wiring the brain.

Tony Robbins is all about this if you ever study him and his work.

Physically moving is a great way to get the energy flowing and get out of your rut.

So is focusing on a project that will literally light you up.

That’s chasing the energy. (because, duh – you are chasing good energy not bad energy I’m guessing….)

That’s going for what it is you want and that is how the rest of your life falls into place.

Isn’t that also known as TRUSTING?

Trust in the flow.

Trust in the energy you are co-creating with God.


God didn’t create you to be boring.

If it’s boring you – then it’s sure to be boring to God!

God doesn’t want you to live a BORING LIFE!

So, get that energy moving, flowing, GOING!

Do what you need to do to get yourself out of your funk and get chase that energy.

You’ll find in seconds, if not minutes after focusing, playing your high vibe tunes, jumping around, dancing – whatever it is that you do – that you will bring the energy, the fun and all the things you are so desperately seeking into your life.

And then you will find you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


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Time To Show Up

Sometimes you will feel like you have absolutely nothing to say, nothing to give.

There are always 2 options when that happens – neither is right or wrong.

  • retreat


  • show up as is

You may have nothing to give at this moment.

You may be feeling like you are shell of a person.

You may be in a complete state of surrender.

You may be praying for a miracle or worse – to just be finished running the damn race…

You can’t make a wrong decision, because ultimately – you know everything is working for your highest good.

Let me assure you that whatever you are going through right now is all meant to be and perfect in it’s imperfectness.

Retreating has its purpose, however, my guess is it’s used more as a avoidance tool than it actually is used for proper rest and retreat.

Of this I am certain.

As for showing up when you’ve got nothing left, when you are at a crossroads, when your soul “feels” empty, when you’ve left it all in God’s hands, when you’ve really surrendered the outcome, when you are empty…

When you’ve ‘Let Go & Let God’

take over…

You sometimes come to the table feeling like you have nothing of value to share, feeling useless on this earth for the moment anyways, and you don’t know what your next steps should be….

You show up.

That’s when you show up.

You just show up.

You don’t need to be fake, or put on anything special.

This isn’t like PROM. This isn’t dress up.

This is when you get to be who you are – where you are – right now.

Come empty.

You see, God won’t use you if you are “full” of yourself.

God is looking for the open, the empty, the tired, the weak – SO HE CAN FILL YOU UP and work THROUGH YOU.

When you are at your emptiest, that’s when the Universe gets to work through you and, make no mistake, that fulfills you – on a whole new level.

He can use you as an instrument for the gifts you’ve been given.

He can materialize those gifts into sales, and money, and all the things that you are so desperately seeking.

He can make all those dreams come true.

But you have to stop holding on to the past.

Stop holding on to your dreams so tight that you are strangling them!

Wanting something so badly is a sure fire way to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Choking your plans, goals, and pushing so hard that you forget why you are doing all this work in the first place?

Money works the same way my friends.

BIG TIME – if you haven’t figured it out.

The more you want it, the more it will run from you.

The more desperate you are for it, the more it will want nothing to do with you.

And so it is with all things – desperation never leads to the right outcome – and if it does, I will bet you that it’s something you really thought you wanted until 5 minutes after you got it and realized it was nothing like what you wanted.

And that’s how she rolls….

So, how do we get what we want?

Show up.

Show up when you are empty.

Show up over the fear.

Show up to the sales calls, the work-out, the date, the hard conversations, the things that you just don’t want to do but know you should….

Show up.

Be open to the gifts the universe wants to so badly bestow on you – the ones you don’t even know you want yet.

Show up with an open heart.

(Oh, this is the biggest problem I see is most people show up with a closed heart to many things they don’t want to do or be at!)

Open heart will always equal a little bit of magic!


Cause, once again, the universe can’t use a closed heart.

So open yours….

  • to the money
  • to the love
  • to all the things

Show up, Open up.

That’s when you will surely….

Live Your Legacy!

xx L

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Ugly Hard Conversations

Hard Conversations

I have a new life motto. I wrote it. No seriously, I scoured the internet looking to see if this was already a quote – and it wasn’t – so you are welcome to coin me here…

“Progress is made by having hard conversations.”

Lisa Elle

Yup, you can retweet that and everything.

But seriously.

The hard conversations of life:

  • every relationship ever
  • are we on the same page conversations
  • sales conversations
  • asking for the sale
  • asking for money
  • telling someone hard new, bad news, sad news
  • diagnosis
  • firing someone
  • breaking up with someone
  • teaching
  • messaging
  • forgiveness
  • standing in your truth
  • standing up for yourself

You can create anything, but you have to share it – hard conversations – if it was easy, we’d all be millionaires many times over.

You can stay put in your life where you are right now and suck it up – but if you really want to go after the life of your dreams, that’s going to involve many a hard conversations.

Getting right down to it:

Is one hard conversation keeping you from peace, love, money, health, your dream relationship – RIGHT NOW?

I bet you, you are only ONE conversation away from making a dream come true or shifting your life in a radical way.

Maybe 2 or 3 or 4.

But I can guarantee you it’s probably less than 10 hard conversations you need to have with one or many people in order to get what you want to get.

(Okay, unless it’s sales, then you need to have about 100 hard conversations to get one BIG YES!)

But you get my point, it’s really just a few AWKWARD conversations to get you to where you desire to go anyways, why are you waiting?

Why are you waiting and procrastinating on having the hard conversations?

I can tell you why I procrastinate.


I HATE conflict, confrontation at ALL COSTS.

Avoid like the plague.

And it’s hindered me in almost every area of my life.

I had a hard conversation yesterday.

A conversation I had been dreading for weeks, and guess what?

After I had it, I felt like a million pounds had been lifted off my chest.

So, there you go.

Not only will you possibly get what you want, even if you don’t get your desired outcome (which I didn’t for the record yesterday!) – you still get to FEEL good and be proud of yourself for having the hard conversations.

And nothing feels better than feeling proud of yourself.

I’m so glad I had a hard conversation yesterday.

I really do believe this – you are one hard conversation away.

Do this and you will….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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Queens have confidence, grace, elegance..

Queens forgive, move nations forward, stand tall and don’t let the little things bug them and throw them off course.

Queens make plans and send them forth with providence knowing they will work out and don’t bash themselves up when they don’t.

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You were called to be an Unshakeable Money Queen in your own life.

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I want to help crown you Queen over the financial domain of your life.

Cheezy as cheese balls – I know – But that’s the beauty of it – the fun of it.

But also the power of it.

There are few words more powerful than Queen or watching a woman take her rightly place as ruler over her life – stepping into her power.

Hey, when the financial side clicks – ALL THE THINGS CLICK – mark my words.

Your relationships will blossom, your home will have more love – and no, it’s not all about money, but money is just a currency, and energy and if you are not handling that energy correctly then you will be throwing off the energy in all the other areas of your life.

This is about YOUR life and making that decision to take your rightful throne.

Yes, this is the wake up call – the call to arms – YOUR TIME to get this apple cart turned around and headed in the right direction.

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What Does Surrender Look Like?

What Does Surrender Look Like

You 100% know when you are shutting out one part of your life.

You know when you are hiding or just putting something off that you need to address.

There’s something in all our lives that we are putting off.

Not facing.

The difference between successful people that “have it all” versus the rest is that they can lean into the discomfort better, faster and shift faster back into alignment, into flow, into God.

And first of all, I am a FIRM BELIEVER that everything your heart desires and having it all is 100% a possibility for you in this lifetime and divinely inspired.

There are actually people – humans – walking among us that pretty much “have it all” including that HAPPY SPARK for life.

I know when I’m in the zone 100%, when I am in flow with my life – and when I know I have it all.

One of my coaches always says, “When I say YES to Life, Life says Yes to Me!”

Or another way of saying that, is when you say YES to your higher power or the Holy Spirit in your life, answer the call – also known as your desires – and follow fully in that, the universe will be in full support of you – things will fall effortlessly in to place, day-in and day-out.

Sure bad things will happen – this isn’t some guarantee that life is going to be perfect, but there will be PEACE in your life.

Here’s the other thing –

You don’t get to live in the magic of life when you are 99% in alignment.

You will NEVER get to your destination if you are 99 degrees on track.

Being 99% in alignment, it’s no different than being 100% out of alignment.

1 degree off, is 100% off target.

Miss the mark.

Miss the final destination.

Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

It’s that simple.

So how do you get back on track?

Or better question, how do you fully surrender to the life you are called to?

What does surrender even look like?

For me, it’s literally throwing both hands up in the air, arms stretched out to the sky – vulnerable – setting my life FREE.

Or it’s singing.

Or it’s dancing.

For you, it may be something totally different.

But from a soul level, it’s coming to that place in your heart where you acknowledge you have no power except the power you are connected to, and then getting re-connected to that power.

It’s humility.

Humbled hearts.

It’s about getting to stand fully in the present, be present with the present.

That means all your worries are put aside.

Your worries only come from creating a future in your mind that is not desirable.

Put it aside.

Surrender it.

And that means the money, the health, the body, the mind, the relationships.

All the ego identifying aspects of our selves.

We have to come to a place where we abandon the self to allow – to receive the unknown.

And WE, the people, don’t like that.

It’s living in uncertainty that just freaks us out – I’m freaked out by it.

And then to choose that?!

Find a way to bring yourself back to that energy shift within over and over again until you come to a place where you fully get to create and then go beyond that and actually manifest the life you want.

This is too deep for me on a Tuesday morning.

But it’s always that next level reveal that keeps pushing us to learn, to grow, to LOVE more fully, to find that deep peace that surpasses understanding.

It available to you right now.

That’s probably the best news.

You don’t need anyone’s permission.

It’s waiting for you, always was, and always is and always will be.

It’s like the sci-fi movie where you get to step into the light, and then get whisked away.

It’s like that.

I mean, it’s really like that.

My payer is you discover it for yourself if you haven’t ever had it.

If you have, you resonate with this – you know exactly what I’m saying so in-eloquently.

But no matter where you are on your journey, it’s a choice, a decision to take that next step….

Live Your Legacy.

xx L


Surrendering Control

I really want to tell you this.

I really want this to sink in.

For you.

For me.

This has been on my heart, blatantly said to me as well, and as a result left me completely in this place of ponder, wonder and –


I rarely feel totally out of control.

Control and me go way back.

But the control switched in form years ago once I learned the secret to life:

switching the control from your external life (trying to control the things that happen outside of your control: other people’s thoughts, feelings and actions) to your internal life (taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings & the actions you control, etc.)

And, I did good with it.

I mean, I did good on making the switch.

I’m queen self-control internally.

No seriously, I am.

To a fault though.

It’s good.

I have amazing habits.

My writing, working out, all the “deeds”, all the actions.

In business, relationships, writing, body….

I am good at and very conscious about my habits – they are all well researched deeds I do – like why I wake up at 4:30am (originally that took some convincing, but my life is much better for it!)

BUT THIS is about a shift away from controlling the external and the internal and giving the control completely away to God (or away from the self and trusting more fully God – more deeper, more fully, more completely – there’s always that next layer, next level of trusting.)

HOWEVER, part of the reason I do these deeds and take these actions is because maybe, just maybe I want to control the results!

Clearly the reason and motivation for doing anything is to obtain a specific result, but obviously life doesn’t work that way.

Sometimes, doing the deeds, the actions, the habits DON’T lead to the results you want, and I know why.

I had this major A-HA moment (I get them daily really – that’s what happens when you ask God to reveal Himself to you) where I realized, again, but with a slightly different twist – lime versus lemon stuff…


This has been my life.

Checking all the boxes especially this year (Day 239 of a perfect iWatch Ring Closing – for all my ring closer’s out there… I get you!)

Trying to do lots on my own – even with help of people and I have amazing support in my life, but still holding on to the results.


And I want to share this with you – things that have happened to me specifically in my lifetime, if not this year:

  • buying property, doing all the right things, due diligence and even having 20 – 50% equity in the property and it being a COMPLETE failure
  • buying investments, again same sue diligence, and then fraud or mismanagement – completely out of your control and the investment is worth nothing
  • working out, eating right – not losing a pound for over 8 months
  • doing all the “healthy” habits and STILL getting sick
  • having the perfect resume and not getting a job
  • doing all the education to think that will bring the confidence and it doesn’t (do you get that? You can go to Harvard and still struggle with confidence! Cause I have deep talks with people who struggle with confidence and went to Harvard! And I have a LOT of education and it still doesn’t bring confidence.)


I feel so often like I’m the biggest loser on the planet.

Failure really.

And I could go on and on… but that covers some of the bases, I mean I didn’t even open up the relationship can of worms.

We can’t control the HUMANS at all, despite handing out the instruction manual – our instruction manual, which clearly lays out how others should act around us and towards us – which always seems to be thrown out with the original packaging… hmmm, don’t worry, I’ll forward you a PDF copy to send out to all your people…

Summarized as follows:

  • Love me (they don’t)
  • Be nice (they don’t)
  • Communicate well (they don’t)
  • Hug often (they don’t)
  • Laugh easily (they don’t)
  • Say “I’m sorry” (they don’t)
  • Forgive easily (they don’t)

MAN – if everyone went by my instruction book for them the world would be a much better place. Right?!?!

Like, what is up with people that don’t like us?

What is up with people that don’t like me? HELLOOOOOO – I’m nice!

**completely baffled**

The thing is that THEY are allowed to choose whatever they want.

They can choose to hate you for the color of your skin, the color of your hair, your snorting laugh, your car, how much money you do or don’t have, your nail polish color, the stretch-marks on your stomach…

So, PEOPLE and RESULTS, out of our control.

We know this.

But where the big A-HA moment was for me is that I’m still letting all the external things affect my self-worth.

I’m like this in my brain – pleading with God:

“God, I’ve done everything right and it’s still sucking.”


It’s the shift from:


(Most people spend their life still trying to control all the things outside of them and never get to a place of full surrender. I will say that internal control, also known as self-control is so important.)

So, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT! – does this mean that I should stop taking all the actions and doing the deeds to get a desired result?

Should I stop full bore and say, “Well, hey, this didn’t work for me and now, I give up?”


This is the time to surrender more fully.

This is the time to receive more fully.

This is the time to give more fully.

This is the time – when all the chips are down, all the bets are on the table, all the balls are with the other team, balls in the other court –

When you have done all you can do and you’ve got no other cards to play –

When you are SPENT –

When you have given it YOUR all –

To Let Go & Let God.

Be at peace.

I’m at peace today, here, in this moment.

And that’s the goal.

Be at peace.

You can’t get everything you ever wanted without it.

And keep returning to that place of peace when all the control is out of your hands and live in that wonder, the mystery, the joy of the possibilities that lie ahead – the magic about to unfold but you have no idea what that looks like – that is when you…

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa


Figuring Out What You Want

Figuring Out What You Want

Here’s literally the hardest question you will have to answer in your life:

What do I want out of life?




And it changes – the answer will constantly evolve –


For today –

For this season of your life – what do you want?


How do you get to the place where you have a good enough answer to that question?

I sat pondering this yesterday.

I know what I want, but then somedays – I have no clue.

I wake up with amnesia as to what I’m actually doing and why I’m doing it.

Figuring out your WHY will be something you do more than once – in fact – you have to do it everyday.

You have to resell yourself on your dreams every damn day.

This isn’t some one-time-at-a-Tony-Robbins-Event-I-figured-out-my-why-and-now-I’m-set-for-life thing.

This is a dynamic thing.

Not static.

Constantly evolving.

And constantly being created by you.

Created and re-created in your head a billion times before it manifests itself the way you visualized.

We know the how: praying, the mantras, the visualizations, the re-writing your goals a million times in a journal.

But what exactly is it we want?

Remember it’s really all feeling that we are chasing.

For me personally, feeling proud of accomplishing something big and showing others they too can step out and dream bigger dreams.

But I didn’t know that for years.

I had no clue for years what I really wanted.

I had to ask for what it was that I wanted.

Meaning, I asked God to help direct what it is that will make this life full of achievement AND fulfillment AND service to others.

I figure it out by my emotional guidance system – by feeling my way through it.

What feels good to me: do more of.

What feels bad to me: do less of.

Simple, right.

But we make it so complicated.

I mean, you can trick yourself into thinking something feels good to you, but you know the result will be total garbage, leaving you feeling bad – enter: too much of anything really… (drugs, sex, alcohol, George Clooney and my favorite – Chocolate)

The bigger issue is you can trick yourself into thinking the good or fun stuff is actually what you need to be doing – but maybe it isn’t.

Maybe even the good stuff isn’t your calling.

You need to listen to the pit of your stomach, your solar plexus, your heart, God – whatever that looks like for you.

You know you aren’t taking the proper time to listen when you feel lost and don’t know what you want.

This takes practice.

Delving into the world of what you desire is a skill.

Yeah, a skill.

Meaning, you don’t just accidentally fall into the life of your dreams!

It takes a little effort on our parts.

You need to exercise that muscle of seeking and knowing what you want.

This takes quiet time – stillness – all the time, everyday.

To tune in.

You get the downloads when your brain is quiet and open to receive what it is you are supposed to receive.

You don’t receive when you are go-go-go all the time and making busy just to be busy.

You receive when your mind is at ease and fully relaxed.

Figuring out what you want is all about the receiving what it is that you desire from soul – not from just your mind.

It’s when mind and soul and heart work together –

That’s your HELL YES!

That’s you wanting to…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


Get OUT of your FUNK

Get Out Of Your Funk

When you are miserable and depressed it’s usually because of a combination of 2 things:

  • You aren’t doing what you are called to be doing
  • You are only focused on yourself

So, really both of those is the same thing.

Let me explain.

When you are doing what you are called to be doing you are of service to others.

Being called to do your gifts is of service to others.

I don’t care if you are a painter, the most amazing wake-surfer, best video-gamer, top business man or you knit cute-adorable mittens for kittens –

What ever it is that you are called to do – Whatever it is that lights you up and makes you feel alive – is being of service to others and at the same time you are helping others you are not focused on yourself or your pity-party.

Do you get that?

You can’t be helping and serving in a true manner while being fully concerned with yourself.

Helping and True Selfishness can’t co-exist at the same time.

Doing what lights you up IS not selfish – just so we are clear.

Doing what you are called to do IS what will bring you JOY and get you outta your rut.

It’s the cure for depression.

Helping Yourself find the thing that lights you up that you can then share with the world IS THE CURE for all the STUFF you are going through.

Did you hear that? Did it resonate? Let me say it again.


But you have to share it.

You have to share with the world, tell your story, show & tell what you created, sell your goods, help the people.

It’s no good hidden.

***CUE: This Little Light of Mine***

Sharing is caring – like they say, but even more than that, the more we share the more we are able to lift the depression, the stress, and inspire others.

Share your depression, if nothing else. Share that you don’t even know where your depression is coming from. Share that you are getting loads of help and it’s still not helping. Share. Share. Share.

Encouragement is not you standing there TELLING everyone how to be.

Encouragement is you standing there telling everyone your story – how you failed, how you succeeded, how you are working on this or that – that’s how you inspire and encourage the people around you.

You don’t tell them to do stuff.

No one likes to be told to do stuff.

You say, “Hey, look, I messed up. I suck. I’m sorry and here’s how I’m changing my life – here’s how I’m taking responsibility for this and turning my life around.”




That stuff resonates so deeply within us and stirs the emotions within us.

You sharing your stuff. You sharing from the heart is the vulnerability.

That’s the stuff people are drawn too. (There’s a business marketing hint for free – you’re welcome.)

People resonate with people who are imperfect.

That’s how you step in your power – but admitting you are who you are in all your crappy glory.

When you aren’t doing the above, you are breaking agreements with yourself.

That leads to depression and it’s usually because you are so focused on you and how much integrity you lack with yourself.

90% of the time (if not 100%), you are blaming the outside world when it actually has nothing to do with the outside world, it is all due to the game you got going on in your head.

As I alluded to last week, this is why being able to self-coach yourself off a ledge is so important. This is why you need to learn how to shift out of the bad stuff faster so you can get to the place where you can be of service faster.

When you don’t self-coach, you are binging on all the bad feelings and thoughts – my life sucks, shame, guilt, fear, I suck – dining out on a whole BONANZA BUFFET of SHIT SANDWICHES – and STAYING there until your belt buckle is fully undone and pants have dropped to the floor.

And then it plays out in your physical life and you physically binge on Netflix, food, wine, all the binge-worthy things in efforts to make your bad feelings go away.

Self-medicating won’t do it.

I will even go as far as to say that western medicine won’t even solve this.

This problem, you guy, listen up…

This problem is that you are not LIVING YOUR PURPOSE and SHARING IT.

End of story.


Don’t beleive me, then try it.

If you aren’t ECSTATIC when you do the thing you are meant to do, maybe you aren’t doing the right thing.



The thing that lights you up makes you the lighthouse.

Be the lighthouse.

All the other ships will be drawn to you.

Live YOUR life.

Live YOUR legacy.

Stop living for anything else but for the thing that lights you up and share like CRAZY.

You’ll feel better.

You’ll change lives.

You’ll make an impact.

You’ll help heal others.

You’ll maybe even make a BOAT load of money.

But most of all, you WILL…

Live Your Legacy!

xx L

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