Distinct You.

Distinct You

It’s been 4 years since I launched this company officially.

6 Years since I started writing – period.

Another 12 years before that of letting this whole thing percolate.

I remember sitting in New York, Kingside, a Midtown cafe, just blocks away from Central Park.

That’s this photo.

Drinking coffee.

Pretending to be confident, but really just procrastinating by trying to make sure everything was perfect for my company launch, if you could call it that.

There were no balloons. (I think all launches deserve balloons!)

Terrified to press “publish”.

I remember the moment I published my first blog and my website went live like it was yesterday. I can actually feel that moment clearly.

Since then I’ve created…

  • 208 Official Blog Posts
  • over 100 Videos
  • 23 Podcast Episodes (plus 12 archived)
  • 5 – YES, 5 online courses completed (which I’m sure you will hear more about…)
  • 10 Hosted Live Events
  • 30+ Professional Speaking Gigs
  • 1 Published Manuscript (aka. STRUT)
  • 2 E-Books
  • 597 Graphics Created (Mostly on Canva)
  • 41 URLS – owned & active
  • 3 WordPress Sites – it was 4, but I let one go and moved the content to Clickfunnels
  • 1 Trademark – “Wealth Spa™”
  • 10 Official CIPO Copyrights to Material I’ve Drummed Up
  • 1 Unpublished Manuscript 66,000 words sitting on my office kitchen counter
  • 6 Professional Photo Shoots of Me (which I actually dislike doing – but love the results!)
  • 1 Office
  • 1 Full Time AmazeWoman Director of My Life #Pam and at least 6 different contractors in various departments
  • 2 more professional designations (for a total of 22 letters behind my name & more to come)
  • 30 pounds (Lost, Gained, Lost, Gained, Lost – BLAH!)
  • HELPED HUNDREDS OF WOMEN! Personal testimonies written to me privately from hundreds of women all across the world! #mindblown

Oh, and while ↑ ALL THAT ↑ was happening “on the side”- taking my regular “Financial Planning Business” and doubling it over the last few years – while having at least 20-50% growth every year since.


It actually feels good to write this out and share it with you.

Maybe – just maybe – when I’m feeling like this WHOLE entrepreneur thing ISN’T working (because that’s what business “FEELS” like all the time) I’ll read this to see just how far I have come in the last 4 years.

I was sitting at church on Sunday.

I remember walking into church in my black stilettos and asking God for a message, for a download.

And in true GOD fashion, He delivered.

Sure, it had NOTHING to do with the sermon, but who cares.

God cares about you and will deliver the “sermons” you need to hear to you directly – not necessarily through your pastor, priest, Rabbi or spiritual guru.

The word. The download.



You are here to distinguish yourself.

God created you to be different, distinguished, SET APART.

You are not the rest.

You are here and you were made to be DISTINCT!

Looking through all that I’ve created and fine tuning my DISTINCT message over the last 4 years, growing, like the most awkward of all teenagers and figuring out what works and doesn’t work, I’ve realized these key things (oh, and I’ve only written about them a hundred times, so if you follow me, you know what’s about to follow!).

Here’s my SUMMARY of the last 4 years – lessons learned from myself to myself:

  • Don’t Follow The Crowd.
  • Don’t Follow Too Many Gurus – it will confuse you at some point – pick a couple.
  • Don’t Take Business Advice From People Who Don’t Have Businesses.
  • Don’t Take Business Advice From Men in General (Men have their own unique way of doing things. Just different – not good or bad – but not good for my business. There are very few men that I would allow to speak into my professional or personal life.)
  • Do share your message until people get sick of it and unfollow you. The right people will always stick around and those are the people you want.
  • Do stand for what you know in your heart to be right.
  • Follow your GUT – it seriously never steers you wrong.
  • The “haters” are usually the people closest to you and a few random people who will email you and let you know and post it on your Facebook page.
  • If you have a dream big enough, don’t let the people closest to you talk you out of it and don’t let their 2 cents penetrate your energy field.
  • It’s no one’s job to have your back – it’s your job.
  • It’s no one’s job to support you – it’s your job.
  • It’s no one’s job to believe in your dream – it’s your job.
  • It’s no one’s job to boost your self-esteem – it’s your job.
  • It’s no one’s job to fulfill your needs – it’s your job.
  • It’s no one’s job to love you – it’s your job. (If they love you – bonus!)
  • No one else will believe in your vision, dream or business like you do – so don’t expect that of your team, staff, employees, clients, etc. They have their own dreams & goals to deal with. Be compassionate.
  • Be consistent & persistent in sharing your work/message.
  • You have to ALWAYS be selling.
  • Selling never stops – when it stops, so does your business.
  • Sales & Marketing will always be the most important department in your business that will provide jobs for other people. Without sales, other people don’t have jobs. Don’t diss the sales.
  • It’s your job to sell to others. You are actually doing a disservice not to sell to others!
  • Believe in what you are selling. If you can’t – don’t sell it and you are selling yourself short! #boom
  • Bring the energy. It will only work if you put all your energy behind it.
  • Words matter – but more importantly – the energy behind the words matter more.
  • Confidence. Confidence. Confidence. Get it. Keep it.
  • A closed mind is necessary most of the time – stay focused. Fewer rabbit holes to trip over.
  • Only care about what you think of yourself – not what ANYONE else on the planet thinks of you. (Lisa, keep remembering that one!)
  • Anoint & Appoint yourself the LEADER. If you want followers, you need to lead.
  • Leadership is not waiting around to be one.
  • The world needs more LEADERS and people who will hold themselves out as such. Followers are in ample supply.
  • Do daily messaging. Again. Keep sharing your stuff with purpose.
  • Elevate.
  • Evoke not Provoke.
  • Consistent Daily Sales Activities. Without Fail.
  • Have absolute clarity.
  • Ask for help.
  • Don’t seek validation. You don’t need it.
  • Survey’s are only useful for the people who are lost and aren’t doing their purpose work. Feedback is not necessary when you have a message or when you know you’ve done your best. If we all listened to the feedback, opinions, the peanut gallery – 24/7 – humanity would not be where it is today, and we probably wouldn’t even have electricity or lightbulbs. Stop asking for everyone’s opinion. Again – yours is the only one that matters. Your failures are yours to learn. In business, same thing. If the customer doesn’t like the work that you do, and you know you’ve done your best, LET THEM GO! Refund them their money and send them on their way.
  • Take time to breath and tune in to your higher power and what you know is the next step for you.
  • Don’t gossip. It will bite you in the ass. I learned that in high school – it’s served me well. Only speak highly of people.
  • Get good at delayed gratification. I’m the queen of this and would probably attribute this to why I haven’t quit – when so many people in my life have told me so many times to get a “nice cozy job”.
  • Learn that delayed gratification leads to the best feeling on the planet – feeling proud of yourself – which also leads to confidence.
  • SPEND YOUR SOUL. FEEL SPENT by the end of the day and that means you gave it your best shot. There’s a difference between Spent and Tired. Tired is when you aren’t living your life with purpose and taking steps to fulfilling your dreams. Spent is when you laid it all out, let it all hang out, jumped off the cliff, and you still don’t know if you landed it or not. It’s an adrenaline high. That is spent. Tired is for people not stepping into their power. Spent is for leaders, the soul-shakers.

And FINALLY, There’s 2 things that I would recommend to any person on the planet.

If you want to grow yourself to become the best version of yourself, start a business or publish a book.

BOTH will confront every cell in your body and make you evaluate your life in a PUBLIC way.


Publishing a book and starting a business will challenge you like nothing else will because you have to face yourself – and even more scary – you have to face your dreams and find that big enough WHY to pull you forward.

So kudos to all my people who have CHOSEN this as their life’s work (and to be fair, it probably chose you first.)

Many won’t take the challenge – because, well, it’s too hard and honestly, it sucks much of the time.

But for the people who are really here to bring a vision into reality, I am high-fiving you and hugging you at the same time, because I know it’s not easy.

But it’s worth it to put it all out there! Whatever your art.

And it’s definitely worth it when you, daily, moment-by-moment….

Live Your Legacy.

xx L