It’s Not Sexy

It's Not Sexy

I had to take a nap yesterday.

Literally, my body was in pain.

I’ve been pushing it hard for over a month, by design, on purpose.

And so I allowed myself a nap.

It was great.

All this to tell you how boring my life is.

It’s not sexy.

And why I’m proud of my boring life.

I’m so laser focused in on 2 goals right now.

2 crazy impossible goals that may or may not ever happen.

But I’m willing to be boring for them to happen!

My girlfriend from Phoenix texted me yesterday.

–> How are you?

I’m at home just working and working out. <–


That was the conversation!

I have nothing of interest to add to any conversation these days.

My head is down.

I’ve been going to work – all year actually.

Minus a few “fun” events sprinkled here and there – my life is boring.

AND here’s why that is great.

EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED will come out of some form of routine, habit, on repeat.


And it’s boring.

Repetition is boring.

It’s not glamorous.

It sure ain’t sexy.

The highlight of my life is BUSINESS LUNCHES.

I go to bed at 8 or 9pm every night.

7:30pm if I’m lucky.

(Last night, I got lucky! LOL)

And I wake up and crush out my mornings.

I’ve done more by 8am that most people get done in a business day! #truestory

I’m ‘doing’ a lot and have set BIG EXCITING GOALS for myself.

Do you remember my talk on SMARTER goals?

How the “SMART” goals were never good enough? You needed the E and R to make that acronym work. (You can listen to that podcast here! The E is for energy, meaning bring the energy & feeling to your goals and R is for re-alignment, meaning to make sure your goals still work for you and tune into that all the time – course correct if needed.)

(You can google SMART goals if you don’t know what they are!)

Well this week I have now officially decided to remove most the letters from SMART goals.

Infact, I’m like really getting over the whole acronym thing at a rapid pace!

(There are many different versions of the acronym, but the words realistic, attainable, achievable, time-bound, timed, etc. should be out the window!)

Here’s why:

“R”ealistic is out.

How boring, uninspiring.

Why do you want to set your sights on something “realistic”.

That’s like saying, I’d like to order an “average coffee”.

Who does that?

We don’t want to be average, ordinary, and to be honest, realistic is just that.

Realistic is something that everyone will approve of.

That’s not your goal.

Your goal needs to be IMPOSSIBLE.

It needs to be so big and inspiring and push you to do the BIG CRAZY.

Next, the T.

Timed. Timely. Time-Bound.


Crazy as it is – don’t give God a timeline.

It will never happen on your timeline, it will only happen when the universe deems it will happen.

All you can control is all you can control.

That means, keep taking the action in your control and GIVE UP the result.

You are holding on too tightly to your goals and dreams and desires.

You have to be working on them and in the same breath be really okay if they don’t happen for you.

If you aren’t okay with the outcome, then you will be suffocating your dreams, pushing against them! Trust me.

You are the one pushing all that you want away by wanting it so badly.

Focusing on all you can control will mean setting out to do the daily work on what little steps will get you to where you want to go.

So back to me and my boring life:

  • 60 minutes of cardio a day
  • 100 situps, weights, blah, blah (I’m so bored of it already!)
  • Everyday doing my contacting of clients, prospects, advertising
  • Everyday reviewing the impossible goals until I can feel them and believe them to come true (even when I’m no where near!)
  • Everyday writing, creating content, marketing – it get’s old fast.
  • Going to bed early so I can do that whole list again EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Like I said.

My life is boring.

I love it and I’m enjoying the introspective side of my life right now.

(I’m a total introvert and absolutely love being alone – which never used to be my thing. I used to be the life of the party – although, that girl will still come out to play once in a while! 🙂 )

I turn down parties. I turn down coffee dates. I turn down lots of ‘FUN’ stuff that doesn’t work with the boring list above. (I even turned down a all-expense paid golf & whitewater trip this summer! BOO!)

And it does kill me sometimes.

But what I’ve gotten so good at over the years is getting over FOMO.

I have ZERO fear of missing out on anything! Business, Fun or otherwise.

I actually want my boring life above all the “events”! That’s some serious 180 – especially from my college days – where I thought I lived for a party!

I think at some point you have to realize that you are your own party. Especially as an entrepreneur! Especially as someone who has BIG dreams and goals.

There is nothing you are going to miss out on and all the choices you make will lead to consequences.

Some good, some bad, and some mind blowing.

But you will never blow your own mind on awesomeness until you stay focused on the big goals and ya, that means doing the hard work, which sometimes means turning down the good-fun-stuff in your life for your bigger vision and to protect your energy.

I’ve talked about this lots, but you know that your ONLY job is to protect your vibe and keep it as high as possible – that’s only if you are serious about attracting into your life your desires as fast as possible.

Other people, other stuff, distractions will pull you out of your happy place so fast and then you are crawling back up a mountain to get back to that place of being in alignment and high vibration with yourself.

It’s way easier just to stay in your happy place from the get-go.

Learn what pulls you out and don’t engage.

(Such as social media!)

(Or let’s be honest here: The Calgary Stampede this week and all the cute skinny 20-year-old tub girls at Cowboys (a bar) – which will make me feel OLD & WRINKLY! #vibecrushing LOL)

I know, I know.

This is a boring post.

That’s the point.

It’s not all glamorous at the top.

It’s not exciting like winning the lottery or like watching reality TV.

Success rarely looks sexy.

For us people in the real world, hitting targets and accomplishing goals has no fanfare, no one claps, very few cheer and you have to be the one to brag about it or no one will even know you accomplished anything great! (And it’s totally okay to brag if you need to!)

And did I mention it’s a lot of grunt work?

Do you want to know why so many people don’t accomplish anything above average?

It’s because they are unwilling to stick with the boring.

They are aiming at average.

They want to sit there and be entertained.

Don’t let that be you.

You get to….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa

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