The Low Hanging Fruit Of Your Life

Low Hanging Fruit

I was recently out for a run, when I saw a Lime Tree and a few limes hanging off of it.

Low Hanging Fruit.

My eyes lit up.

There’s nothing this Canadian girl likes more than to see citrus fruit grow on an actual tree in real life.

The tree was technically in someone else’s yard, yet the tree had grown so large that it was hanging over onto the boulevard and just sitting there all content with low hanging beautiful limes.

Low enough for a Canadian jogger to come by and snatch it off the tree and then look around to see if anyone caught her stealing fruit off the side of the road.

Okay, so clearly I need to get out more, but I’m telling ya – when I brought the lime back for my Canadian friends, they were equally enthralled!

This is how my life has been lately.

I can equate it to low hanging fruit.

The “easy” offers.

The things that are literally in your way so you have to pick them.

The thing with low hanging fruit is that there is only a few pieces of it.

The bulk of the fruit is located above reach – meaning you actually have to plan to retrieve it.

It requires a ladder.

And now you can see where I’m going with this.

It requires more effort.

As much as I preach this stuff, and I know I preach it, baby, – there is so much that I know but still don’t practice – clearly.

There’s so much we all know and still don’t practice.

But more so, I know why we keep choosing the low hanging fruit in our lives.

It’s easy.

And to be fair, it’s good enough.

Being able to snatch a few pieces of low hanging fruit will get you through life, fed and probably even happy.

I’ve contemplated if that’s good, bad or ugly for me.

I mean, let’s be honest – if you are reading this, then you live a good comfy life with all the comforts of technology in your hand – why stretch and push yourself?

And I observe.

Boy, do I observe.

I feel I’m a scientist most days observing and interacting with the peoples to see what makes them tick and why we do what we do.

Psychology fascinates me, as does quantum physics.

And the best, the absolute best I can come up with as for why myself, or 99% of the world, goes for low hanging fruit is because it’s easy and we like easy.

By the way, low hanging fruit could be anything that comes your way that isn’t aligned with what you truly know you were meant for.

That’s probably the best way to say it.

It could be you chose a low hanging fruit career, business deal, marriage, relationship, job, salary, health path or lack of it.

It could be that you know you can run a marathon everyday, but choose to walk 15 minutes.

Not living into your full potential.

That’s my point.

BUT only you know that.

This is between you and God – period.

I mean one man’s 15 minute walk is another man’s marathon is another man’s ability to stand for 1 minute.

So, again, there’s no comparison here. (If you are still comparing yourself to others and you DIDN’T get the meme cross your Insta feed that comparing yourself to others is like taking poison, then I don’t think you are following the right people! 😉 )

However, there is a comparison that taps at you ever so gently deep inside.

It was programmed into our DNA.

That is to increase and advance.

To grow and fulfill.

You know and I know it.


This is honestly something that propels humanity forward.

Nature says we grow.

We watch our babies do it.

And yet, here you are not allowing yourself to be all that you can be.

This is different than pushing.

This is flow.

This is allowing your soul to be what it came to be.


You have to allow your soul to be free and go in the direction it is meant to go otherwise YOU WILL GET SICK.

Maybe not physically, but that will inevitably come once you keep denying your souls work to flow out of you.

Now, what is your soul’s work – that’s between you and God.

No one else can EVER tell you what that is – and the best part about it – seriously – is when you are doing your souls work – life will click for you.

Things will naturally fall into place.

BUT the reason your life feels like an uphill battle right now is most likely because you are denying a part of you that needs to come out.

Instead, you grabbed the low hanging fruit – the should’s, the things other’s told you were a good idea, or a great investment, or an easy job to take or a simple life – blah, blah.

You listened to others and not your soul.

That’s where this all fell apart.

You grabbed a few pieces of the easy fruit and didn’t take 5-minutes to grab the ladder to harvest & receive the good MASSIVE BOUNTY that would have changed your life because you settled for a couple pieces of what-looked-good-at-the-time low hanging fruit.

And like I said, it’s not bad to have low hanging fruit.

But there’s only so much of it and every one wants it.

When you connect to y-o-u and just between you and your higher self go deep you will naturally build a ladder to the top of all the trees and have a massive life buffet of whatever you want.

You just need to sometimes say no to low hanging fruit because it will fill your belly – sure, and it will be okay –



It will never allow you to…

Live Your Legacy!

xx L