Money Planning 2020

Money Planning 2020

There’s so much to this conversation on MONEY PLANNING for the new year!

First of all, we have the goals.

1. Set your money goals.

This can include:

  • income goals
  • items you wish to purchase
  • things you want to see and do
  • business income
  • asking for a raise
  • savings and investment goals
  • debt reduction goals

Okay, so the stage is set. You have an idea in your head of what you want to accomplish.

Next step:

2. Write it down everyday.

“But Lisa, I use all the online tools, like MINT, so I don’t need to write it down.”

Yes, you do.

You actually have to write it down often.

Ideally every day.

But you know this.

And going back to last week’s blog on scheduling, you need to make sure you are planning time to actually write down your money goals.

This is part of it.

It refocuses you daily.

It anchors you in your goals.

Writing it down gives your mind a visual.

I have to tell you this strange thing.

I was trying to recall what I wrote in my blogs over the past year.


Even this right now as I click-clack away at the keys, I won’t remember.

But if you asked me what I wrote down in my journal, I could tell you exactly what I journaled on and what my goals are written in there – even up to the last few years! I can actually see my journals and what’s on each page in my head.

Photographic memory.

If you are like that, then you best be taking what I’m saying about writing down your money goals to heart!

And yes, the online tools, the cool money phone apps (I mean, I get it – I’ve created an application too and know how useful they can be!), but they will never be able to replace that special part of your brain that can recognize what you wrote by hand.


And, I’m sure this holds for most people. OBVIOUSLY not all,.

So, totally utilize the YNAB app or MINT or whatever floats your boat, but keep writing too.

Okay, so be able to write your goals down every day, and as I already mentioned it, you need to….

3. Schedule Your Money Date In Your Calendar

This can be weekly, daily – whatever needs to happen for you.

Some people have very simple financial lives.

I don’t.

Money comes in almost every day for me and money goes out.

Many of you have crazy juggling acts.

Whether you are juggling lots of money stuff or have a simple money life, setting a money date with yourself will help you create calm.

Yesterdays money date included Christmas music and a coffee.

It can be a coffee shop, a glass of wine, flowers – I’ve even had a bubble bath money date before – although that gets tricky with the paper and water…. just sayin’.

Light a candle, play some music and do some of these activities in your money date:

  • Check on your KMM (Key Money Metrics – included in my 5 Money Metrics you need to watch – ask me for the blog post link!)
  • Check on account balances
  • Make a list of upcoming expenses and due dates
  • Make a list of upcoming income & sales coming in
  • Update your spreadsheets (if you’ve followed me long enough, I gave out the money makeover spreadsheet for free, you can DM me for the URL sign up!)
  • Pay Bills
  • Donate Money, plan your charitable giving
  • Investment Research
  • Insurance policies review
  • Book an appointment with ME – your financial planner!

Next we talk about the book keeping and number…..

5. You are the CEO of Your Financial Life.

So start acting like it!

Literally, you need to be running your financial life like a successful Fortune 500 company and not like the government. 🙂

You need to look at strategies, make plans, follow up on plans, make sure you aren’t overspending.

This doesn’t take rocket science.

All it takes is a belief that you are good with money.


If you can do simple grade 2 & 3 math, then you can be a money wiz.

And what you really need for 2020 is to UNCOMPLICATE your financial life!

Especially if you find you have tried every software and program and app that’s out there, you can rest assured that even large businesses can be boiled down to a simple 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper printed from a simple spreadsheet.

You can make your life that simple.

It does not need to be complicated.

We use Quickbooks and other things – but at the end of the month, the CEO needs to see the overviews, the big picture stuff!

Details are important and can be looked upon as needed, but sometimes GIRLS, you just need to keep it simple.

6. Don’t over complicate your financial life!

and if you really take to heart some of these money planning tips for 2020 then you will be sure to…

Live Your Legacy!

xx L


How I’m Planning 2020

How I'm Planning 2020

Ya’ll need to be getting your planning on!

I mean doesn’t the thought of a new planner or journal just excite the crap outta ya?

Okay, my people are hearing me.

YAY for a new year – BUT….

As exciting as a new planner or journal can be, the excitement wears off and fast if we are not getting the results we want manifested into our daily lives!

So, I thought I’d share with you my ritual for planning and my absolute non-negotiables when it comes to all things scheduling and planning.

OH and don’t forget the golden rule:

What gets scheduled gets done.

or as my Grade 6 teacher, Mr. Satterbloom had on our classroom walls:

Fail to Plan. Plan to Fail.

Okay, so before we dig into planning – we must remember that this is a DAILY thing that must happen, except weekends.

Weekends – let’s face it – I don’t do any planning. I KNOW after a busy week that my brain needs to shut off completely to get me ready for another week.

Don’t push yourself too hard, you’ll crack and end up no where near your intended goal. #beentheredonethat

Like “they” always say, you can over estimate what you can get done in a day, week or year – but completely under estimate what you get done in 5 years, 10 years or even your lifetime.

I know this to be true.

Even this blog post was completely scheduled and planned into my calendar.

You don’t create a great body of work with one piece of work!

233 blogs has taken me 233 weeks to write.

Same time every week.

No matter rain, sleet or snow (like the mailman’s creed!) – YOU HAVE TO stay true to what you’ve scheduled and have integrity with yourself on the tasks at hand!

So how do I do it?

Every monday morning – the weekly planner.

I literally have everything in my google calendar and on my iPhone cal.

For me everything is synced up. It has to be as my clients have access to my calendar as well to schedule appointments if need be.

Also, my assistant has full access to my calendar, so we have to keep an online calendar – paper just doesn’t work for the practicality of business.

HOWEVER, Monday morning I print off a weekly calendar (or use my yearly planner – depending on my mood!) and hand write out all the scheduled events in the time slots.

This does 2 things:

  1. Helps me create a visual of my week and I have a photographic memory so I can see all my appointments on one piece of paper and it helps me never forget a meeting and visually lock everything in – helping with time management.
  2. It helps me visualize the events and meetings and appointments. I literally can see everything unfolding, from successful sales calls to picking up happy children (LOL, okay sometimes visualizing happy children works!)

The key with manifesting anything in your life is first thinking the idea, and then the second part is really holding the vision for at least 17 seconds (seriously, google it!).


SEEING IT in your mind unfold.

That’s the magical part of it all!

As elementary as this sounds, and I will say that I’m committed to it (ONCE AGAIN!) that PLANNING is the most important thing you can do to help you accomplish ANYTHING you want in your life.

And… talk to anyone who has lost weight and kept it off has more than likely planned out everything that went in their mouth.

Here’s the truth bomb:

Planning takes time.

Too much time sometimes!

This is where I fall down.

I half-ass plan sometimes and trust me when I say that is the downfall of WHY I HAVEN’T CREATED and brought into reality some of my dreams.


I know it.

Deep down you know it.

Running around like a chicken with your head cut off and all that “busy” work will never get you close or even in the same room as your dreams.

What I LOVE to do is take hours, if not days, alone and plan out what needs to happen.

It goes like this:

I have an Ellements Group Bible. (EG is my corporation/business name – in case I didn’t tell you.)

No serious.

It’s called the Bible for one reason only and that’s because it’s not supposed to change everytime I feel like changing it… which is often, which I guess makes it more of a guideline book instead of Bible, but I feel if I call it a Bible I may actually follow the own words I write in it! 😉

The Bible contains the vision, mission, goals, plans, team roles, products, future plans, financial projections.

It’s totally one step up from a business plan – because it’s never going to be shown to a bank, or outsider.

So it’s like a secret Bible.

Why will it never be shown to an outsider?


Because when it’s for my eyes and my teams eyes only then it’s not being influenced by outside forces.

Think about it.

When you write a business plan, usually you are trying to impress someone, usually it’s a professor for a grade (hence my University Business Plan!) or my dad or a bank/investor – because if you need money and investors you need to go to the bank.

This doesn’t work people!

Stop trying to impress someone else.

Have a business plan and go forth with conviction!

The power is yours.

You give your power away every time you ask for someone’s opinion on your plans!

So stop asking.

Make your plans top secret.

Only share them with your team or people who are supporting you and uplifting you in accomplishing your goals.

Hence, the Ellements Group Bible is not to be seen by anyone but me and my team. (You can do this for your family/home life too!)

It’s the be all end all to my business. It’s a book unto it’s own.

Okay, so you hear me now?

Create your “plan” and treat it like your “Bible”!

Then, once you have your plan it’s easy to schedule in your life.

Create strict boundaries around your intentions.

For example, I rarely take a client before noon.

Morning is my time.


I write, plan, read, exercise, create, work with my numerous coaches.

I get GROUCHY when this is not honoured.

AND that does happen sometimes for meetings, so I compensate on that day and schedule my time in the afternoon – or whatever it takes.

I need 3-6 hours a day of alone time.

Like a QUEEN.

(You are Queen/King of your life, don’t forget!)

I realize many of you do not have this kind of time, or even an hour to plan and take alone time BUT I encourage that you make the time.

Nothing else is as important as planning.


Without the time and space to think, create and bring ideas forth – there is nothing!


And we were born to create!

Okay, so now we’ve planned out week and days to coincide with the Bible.

Next, is the hardest part.

Even harder than sitting your butt down and planning.

It’s now honouring your word to yourself.

We all get pulled in a 100 different ways.

This is what separates the people who set out to achieve something and the people that don’t.

The people who say “No” more are usually the people that win at their goals.

The “Yes” people don’t.

You are no longer a doormat to the rest of the world vying for your attention.

Don’t give into them.

Millions will.

You won’t.


Because this is what it means to have dreams bigger than your bullshit.

This means you say “no”.

You only say “yes” to things that are in alignment with your plans, your goals, your dreams.

And because we are all “too nice” – we say “yes” to everything.

That’s the Canadian way after all – like if we don’t say “yes” to everything, people will freeze to death or something. Maybe that’s how it started….

But today, you are allowed to say “no” to events and requests that don’t work for you for whatever reason on the planet you want.

Maybe you just needed to give yourself permission to say “no” so you can say “yes” to yourself.

The problem with saying “yes” to someone else’s agenda means you are saying “no” to yours, unless both parties are aligned in the same outcome or goal.

Here’s the other thing to catch yourself in.

The fun.

I blow off my schedule MANY TIMES for a better offer.

Once in a while it’s great and soul refreshing, but doing this consistently is not going to help your efforts. (Real it in Sagittarians!)

Final point.

Take a day to yourself to think, plan, create.

I do this often, but definitely at the end of the year for the new year.

Turn off everything.

No interruptions.

And dream, and plan.

I have to do this alone.

I can’t do it in a workshop.

I can’t do it with family around.

I can’t do it with friends.

I can’t do it with my team.

I can’t do it with my fish watching.

I have to be all alone.

That’s when I make the biggest strides in my business.

That’s when I get closer, more tied into what I’m creating.

That’s when I get to create the vision and sit with the vision in my mind and play with it.

That’s when life gets good.

That’s how I plan my day, week, month, year


that’s how you…

Live Your Legacy.

xx L


Small Miracles

Startled. Awoke from a dream in bed at 12:41am. Today. December 3, 2019.

With an idea.

A divine inspired idea.

And proceeded to plan it out for the next 3 hours and 20 minutes at which I said I really needed my rest because today is a big day for me. (Client and then 2 Work Christmas Parties! 😉 )

Like I said, big day. Need sleep.

But this idea was something I’ve been searching for FOR YEARS and it kinda came together in an effortless way last night in a dream.

Here’s the truth about miracles.

They come in the smallest of ways most of the time.

Yes, of course there are big miracles.

But how often do you get BIG miracles?

For you, my love, I hope you get BIG miracles ALL the time.

I guess my experience on earth believes more that the smaller miracles are more available to us ALL the time.

I would venture to say that most of your miracles come as small whispers and nudges from the universe.

Divinely ordained.

Waiting with ebullience for you to accept them and take them seriously.

Many pass by, like the muse, and venture on to others, and then one day someone else is walking around with your idea. (And they made millions with the waffle maker design and hair clip that you new would have been a hit but never followed up!)

When you have an idea, a miracle, and God handed it to you on a GOLDEN PLATTER, it’s best you follow it.

I think regret comes from the moments when you know deep down you didn’t follow an inkling you know was gnawing at your tummy.

This miracle I’ve been handed is going to take time.

It’s actually going to take approx 350-365 days to manifest itself out fully.

I’m a very patient person.

Miracles love a patient heart.

This miracle I’ve been handed is going to take lots of work.

I mean, a lot of WORK.

I mean, like 5-10 hours a week for the next year kinda work.

Unpaid work upfront, reward later.

Miracles love those who take them seriously and will put in the effort to see it through.

This miracle I’ve been handed is going to take a lot of faith.

LOTS of it.

At first glance, this is way bigger than me and I have ZERO idea how I’m going to pull this off!

Miracles are drawn to those with great faith.

Often times, you can swap out the word miracle with idea.

All ideas are miracles in someway shape or form born from our beautiful desires and subconscious creations.

Here’s my challenge for you:

Will you take your next miracle that comes your way and run with it?

Will you look at it awe inspired like a gift of manna from the heavens?

I won’t lie to you.

I was almost in tears of gratitude for the miracle idea I received.

It was like a sigh of relief.


Something I have long been searching for was now laid upon me and I know that from here on out it’s all action.

Sometimes we just need clarity in our lives to move forward and take giant steps in fear, er… I mean faith. Cause let me tell you they both “FEEL” the same.

I’m somewhat terrified people will laugh at my idea, or want to change it.

But this vision is all mine and I’m going to run with it.

AND with that kind of clarity, courage and confidence, I will see this miracle through from a small miracle to what it will turn into….


Did you know small miracles grow up to be big miracles?

Sure, it’s all perspective.

It’s the same with money.

Do you know how people create big financial miracles in their lives?

Small habits that turn out big for them.

Same with health. Same with strong relationships. Same with all off it.

Miracles are always available to you –

But it’s up to you to receive them! (Okay, that was some deep truth my soul just shivered writing that.)

When you take the small whispers, the miracle seeds handed to you and plant them, and watch them grow, you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


The BEST Lessons of My 30’s

I write about all the things my soul is curious to.

After all, are we not all here to test the curiosity of our souls?

This is my second last day of my 30’s.

Yes, I’m turning 40 in a few hours.

I can clearly define this decade as one of growth.

The thing about growth is that while most of us do it kicking and screaming there really are some big gems hidden in growth – ALWAYS.

I feel it’s our job to find them, learn the lesson and move on.

Obviously, there are many that don’t see life that way and are handed the same lessons on repeat – until the day that they just choose to know they are done with that lesson.

It is a choice.

Big lesson #1 I learned this decade in a deeper way: Everything is a choice. My life is made up of my choices.

More than absolutely anything, this decade has been magical for me because I can honestly say that I was able to unleash my soul to set out and do what I was put here to do.

Although still in the early stages, I feel I’m well prepared for my 40’s and on that note, pray it’s a much better decade. (Yes, like all humans, I want to still take the easy way out and desperately want life to flow with ease! #newbelief )

30’s, like my 20’s and like my teenage years, was exhausting and I don’t think I’d want to relive it for the most part.

Isn’t that the best part about our past – that we can choose to leave it there!

The problem being that most of us don’t do that.

Here’s a multiple choice question for you.

Where do you want to be spending most of your time with your thoughts?

a) dwell on how bad the past was

b) dwell on how great the good ol’days were

c) dwell on how bad the future looks

d) dwell on how amazing the future looks

I think D might have been the right answer – if there even is a right answer, which I don’t think there is.

However, I think in someways, I pulled a con on you by not offering you the real answer, which you know wasn’t an option in the question. (It’s like university all over again!)

The other answer and probably most correct answer is E.

e) dwell in the now.

Why? Because we are here, we are here now and always are technically dwelling in the now, not in the future or the past.

This will be the single greatest lesson of my 30’s.

Your past is made up and your future is made up.

Technically speaking, when you talk of your past you are referring to something that no human can go back and confirm.

Same for your future, no human can confirm that you will have a wonderful or miserable future.

It’s all hearsay.

I learned this in depth – you know – the moment when your soul “really” gets it in 2014. I mean, really, really, really gets it on a quantum physics level and you are forever transformed in all your thoughts and thinking.

The other thing I will gladly take from my 30’s is that it’s my life and my stage. Anyone I don’t want on my stage, I can kick off.

This stage is not a physical stage, it’s more the stage of my brain, my thought stage.

Who I am letting into my thoughts and who I do not want taking up any more time in my thoughts.

Powerful when you know that the worst thing that can ever happen to you is a feeling. Another great lesson I learned this decade. Could someone have told me this as a teenager? Seriously.

The power of the law of attraction never ceases to amaze me.

It’s been a guiding principle in many things I’ve personally witnessed over the last decade and can track it all through my life.

Awareness around what I’m attracting to my life is all because I took the law of attraction and studied it (ad nauseam! I read over 50 books – if not more on the subject in the last 7 years!), analyzed it and literally watched it occur for so many people and watch how it plays out in life.

My life, as I like to think of it, is one big human experiment. I relish in psychology and why people do and act the way they do. It fascinates me.

I do things on purpose to test and see what will happen.

It’s fun.

One big thing I learned this decade is that everything is meaningless and we are the ones who put meaning on everything.

And that is SUCH a big relief when I’m so stressed out (which happens often) and reminding myself that for the most part everything we busy bees are doing down here on earth is irrelevant and yet we do it to self-actualize. Deep stuff and fascinating.

But when I’m stressed out about things out of my control, I remember none of it really matters at the end of the day and I smile.

I smile and chuckle to myself – even if I’m hysteric and crying.

I can see my monkey brain freaking out and still have my deeper soul laugh at myself for being so ridiculous. It’s one of the greatest gifts.

Life is just life. So don’t take it so seriously, or do – it’s up to you to put that meaning on it. AND your meaning is not any better than any one else’s meaning.

I’ve just come to learn that stress ages you and isn’t worth it in the long run, especially for your blood pressure and health.

Money is just energy you direct.

Another big one and most people including myself, still really don’t know how to channel this one….

The beliefs have shifted for me as well.

New beliefs that I’m choosing to embrace and I know will manifest themselves over the next decade and beyond.

Beliefs like:

Money flows easily to me in abundance.

That’s a good belief to have.

–> Thinking that money is hard to earn will make it so.

–> Thinking that you need to work hard for money will make it so.

–> Thinking that life is hard will make is so.

Don’t get me wrong.

Sometimes I love to relish in my pity parties. We all do.

I think going through and sitting with negative emotions and feelings and having negative thoughts is healthy.

I don’t think you’ll ever get past a 50% negative and 50% positive life, thoughts or feelings.

I don’t think we were created to ever have a 100% positive mindset.

We all have pain.

Pain is real and pain is pain is pain for all the humans.

We can’t escape pain.

We sit with it and feel it.

We don’t need to hide it.

But the suffering.

That’s optional.

You don’t need to suffer for years on end.

Best lesson I’ve learned as well. You get to take your lessons and your pain and turn them into beautiful things in your life.

Sit with the pain, feel it and let it move through you.

As long as it takes.

So blessed to know these lessons.

There are other lessons too.

Lessons around parenting are endless, but like all things, kids grow up and those lessons come and go (unless I were to hatch another batch of children, which is not something I ever plan on doing again!).

Lessons around what my body needs and likes and the awareness around that.

Lessons around business – I’m sure I will have many more lessons here, but I feel I got over some major hurdles in this decade and plan to not relive those!

My connection to my spiritual life is stronger than ever and God has my back and that peace is indescribable. This would be the best outcome I received in the last decade. Above relationships, money, business, friendship, family, my physical body – all of it – having a deep desire in connecting with God, my source, is something no one can take away ever.

And in life, that’s really the only thing that can’t be taken away….

I pray for so many people to find that kind of deep peace with their souls and it will look different to everyone. That peace takes you far and definitely helps me re-frame in times of great stress and trouble.

And then there are some lessons my heart has yet to learn and in many ways I’m excited about those lessons yet to come in my 40’s and beyond.

Most of all, today.

Today will be a good day.

I am seeing my kids off on the bus here soon, making breakfast and lunches, seeing 2 clients today and driving kids around in the evening.

I will call my mom & dad and tell them I miss them and love them.

I will smell the flowers in my office and thank my amazing Pam profusely for all the work she’s been doing lately in our office.

I will write more client thank you cards and respond to at least 30 client emails & phone calls today and move my business forward.

I will have a few hard conversations.

I will no doubt have a few joy-filled conversations or texts from friends.

I will experience all that life has to offer: excitement, frustration, sadness, anger, love, happiness, deep joy and peace.

I will put on a new pair of shoes today. Shoes make me smile and giggle like a geek. But most of all, good shoes help me STRUT and give me confidence to take on the world.

Most of all, today I will –

Live My Legacy.

And you will…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


Unlocking Confidence

I feel the thing everyone is searching for is confidence.

Confidence is all we really need to get to the next level, to that next place.

Confidence is courage mixed with a bit of clarity to be able to live in the place of excitement, that step outside of your comfort zone – also known as fear – to go out and make a stand for your life.

A stand for what you believe in.

A stand for the hard conversations you have to have with others.

A stand for your dreams.

A stand for love.

A stand for others.

If we could bottle it up and sell confidence – it would be priceless.

That’s really what most people are buying anyways when purchasing most things, if you think about it. Confidence to look good, feel good, etc.

The desire to gain confidence.

Okay, so we know that CONFIDENCE only comes from within and the people that have confidence seem to win in all areas of life (obviously not 100% of the time, but in an overall successful way that usually leaves us TRIGGERED.)


We’ve seen it a million times.

CONFIDENCE is the GREAT KEY to unlocking all the the things you desire in your life.

AND now, I feel like a coward! Well, after writing a sentence like the last one, it’s easy to feel like a coward when you realize you haven’t recently been unlocking some of those desire doors in your life.

I’m starting **yes, starting** not to care what others think in the realm of business.

This is where confidence, standing out to do your own thing, burning the ships – can burn you in the ass.

It’s because you are now risking financial stability or capital.

This is where fear shows up the greatest for us when it threatens our way of life or our feeling of security.

For me, let’s be honest, of course I care how I show up for friends and family – still wayyyyy toooo much!

And even more so how I show up for my clients and my business!!

The thing is, and this is the big thing – if you want to be a leader and trail-blaze a path to the next thing, business, idea, income, dream, desire, etc – you need to have CRAZY UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE!

Showing up for YOU is KEY.

Especially when you know that there are family, friends, and clients and colleagues watching you and probably scratching their heads thinking, “What the hell is this girl saying/doing now?”

And, it’s not about losing friends or even family – although that is not the intended consequence for standing out in confidence.

The potential immediate financial loss for a future-off-in-the-distant financial gain is really where it’s hard to live your confident life.

Meaning – we still live in the fear of today and let it paralyze us so much (or even just a little – but a little is a lot in regards to this conversation) that we can’t get past the “now” to step out into our most desired life.

I did something last week that ensured my business in the future, but I deep down wonder if it impeded my confidence in the message I know I am really here to share with the world.

I mean honestly, the jury on this on will be out for a few years before I can actually see where the chips landed.

But, I do this all the time.

We do this all the time.

Play safe.


Do everything in our power to be liked.

And it gets us where?

And I think there are 2 things here that I do:

  1. I don’t honour my schedule, my plan, my time. I STILL give it all away at a moments notice to someone in need – aka. KIDS, family, friends, clients – and barely keep any time for myself to think lately. This has disaster written all over it.
  2. I don’t stand in confidence because I fear losing what I’ve spent the last MANY years building up. It may not be much, but I’m still scared of losing it to stand in my power. COMFORT ZONES (like my comfy home, coffee & fireplace right now) are a dangerous thing when it comes to stepping out in confidence. You will naturally choose the NETFLIX path before actually committing to your dreams if you live a very comfy life. (Now, discomfort has always been known to push people to find their next level – kinda a do or die type of thing.)

So, the million dollar questions: How do we unlock confidence?

I think it’s literally doing the things that push you right out of your comfort zone.

Take the test.

Buy the business.

Make the call.

Do the speaking event.

Ask the girl out.

Try out the investment.

Hold the integrity with yourself.

You literally have lots to lose.

Seriously, you have lots to lose.

However, was any of it really yours to begin with or even take with you? #micdrop

That’s where the phrase “you really have nothing to lose” comes in!

Because it’s not yours and you never had it in the first place.

It’s your job to share what’s inside of you, bloom and help others.

If you can do that, you can virtually accomplish anything you set your mind.

That there in itself – that last sentence, when you really stop to think about it is MIND-BLOWING!

If you can live in the space of staying fully confident in all you do, I would personally guarantee you’d be able to CRUSH all your dreams.


What do you think about em’ apples?

Unlock your confidence and unleash it on your world.

That’s how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. Want Financial Bliss? Check it out & get your free gift!


How to Honour Your Ancestors

How to Honour Your Ancestors by Lisa Elle

I’d love to open a can of worms which no doubt many people totally don’t agree with.

It’s evident by the fact that people are so quick to comment on the “news” – whatever “news” that be.

It’s because people are consumed with the “news”.

Be it gossip, be it actual TV or radio news, be it social media news.

It’s so beautifully wrapped and sucking you into its glorious web of…

(You thought I was going to say LIES!)



Let’s be honest.

Everyone knows all the news is just someone or some news outlet telling their story from their point of view, right or wrong.

And hey, who am I to judge what’s right or wrong!

This is not about right or wrong or deeming what news is fake or not fake.


The simple fact that you are all up in the news is the problem.

Don’t get me wrong.

Yes, I know about the hurting people all over the world, the injustice of it all, the climate change, blah, blah.


Because it’s pulling you away from what you are here to really do!

Do you want to change the world, transform it in some way, leave your mark?

Do you really want to help others and be a solution to these problems you see?

Do you want to honour your freedom, honour those who came before you to fight for your freedom?

The only way you do that is by stepping into your purpose with confidence, with power, with radical conviction!

And work on it.



Not letting some silly billion dollar company prove that they control you by scrolling all your time away or reading endless news articles or watching endless TV.

Do you honestly think YOUR ancestors, the ones that fought to bring you and your family safely to a new life in a new country last decade or decades ago or hundreds of years ago would be rolling over in their grave at you sitting around watching social media and TV all day?

(Yes, my tribute to Remembrance Day! I can only hope that I am consciously using my time in a way that honours my soul and those that went before me to keep my country strong and free – and trust me my lovely – your soul knows when it’s wasting time! #boom)

Okay, so I know my people reading this are more like me preaching to the choir compared to the larger crowd of the peoples in the world.

It’s just a word of caution to myself, to my soul and yours:

Stay in your lane.

The lane that was paved for you by all those that came before you.

You honour your ancestors and those that fought for this by HONOURING YOURSELF.

This is how you also honour those that will come after you.

Honouring yourself does not include commenting on whatever is happening OUTSIDE of YOUR COURT, YOUR FIELD – that’s gossip for the most part.

Don’t buy into clatterfarts.

Clatterfarts (love that word) cost you time & MONEY!

This is a blog about money after all….. why else would I bring up this whole subject!

Anything happening in your life where you are just a spectator, up in the stands watching from afar is not in your court.

Anything happening where you can’t directly converse with the said parties and say it to their face is out of your court.

You can throw out your opinions on politics, on Hollywood, on all the things, but unless it’s playing in your court and you can confront it directly, then it’s out of your court and you shouldn’t be wasting your precious time on it.

Speak up, sure. Write letters to your MLA or MP or whatever you have to do – that’s different – that’s playing the game and not sitting in the stands being a commentator.

Do you get what I’m putting down?

Play your game.

Play it hard.

Play it to the best you can.

But don’t sit around and waste your time and comment on other people’s games.

It’s not going to BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE.

Trust me.

It’s just a distraction pulling you off your game.

Do a time audit on your life. It’s very intriguing.

(Your device also tells you how much screen time you have put in, check it out. I know Apple does this.)

You wanna make money? You wanna make a difference?

Stay focused.

Head down.

Turn off the noise.

Listen to some uplifting music.

Encourage someone.

Make a sales call.

Give someone a hug.

Write a note or a blog.

Contribute to the positive.

Contribute to fulfilling your purpose here.

That’s how you honour you, the people who’ve come before you and that’s how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa Elle


Well Meaning Words NOT FOR YOU

A warning…

for your soul – if you will.

Be very careful little ears what you hear.

That’s a song I sung in Sunday School as a young child and well for many years, I honestly thought that song was a little ridiculous in my teenage years.

However, this whole be careful what you say, hear, see has so much more meaning in my life today – mostly because I realize how powerful all the words are that we say, hear or read and all that gets absorbed into our conscious and sub-conscious mind and how that affects the life we dream of living.

But this lovely blog is about what you are hearing, and really meant for the seekers – the lovely souls who are already on a, let’s call it – personal development path – for lack of a better word.

The seekers are usually the people that would read a blog like this.

The people who want to get better at all the things – in all the areas.

The seekers.



And this message comes really as a reminder…

Let me tell you my story in hopes that it will help you out when you find yourself, your soul, in these interesting times of figuring out life and stages of growth (which we are always in – let’s not kid ourselves here – there’s always the next lesson to learn!)

I have VARIOUS coaches.

I read more self-help, self-development, business books than most fortune 500 CEO’s in a year (which is over 60 books a year in case you were wondering the stats on that..) – not to mention having written one myself 🙂

I have paid thousands, if not tens of thousands, over the years for various coaching, programs, self-help events – you name it.

I have a very tight handful of mentors that I allow to speak into my life.

Okay, so you get the picture. I am a seeker.

Mostly of the truth and what is true for me right now in hopes of growing and to realize my full-potential and self-actualization, blah, blah.

So, I have people speaking into my life ALL THE TIME.

Not just paid coaches, or mentors, but also friends and family.

Oh, and church!

You can see how this is starting to get a little full in my brain.

A dear friend who I deeply respect and consider a mentor in my business and VERY successful, said to me over lunch one day that, in regards to a business matter, that I was not respecting myself in this matter.

I took the words and pondered them for the rest of the afternoon after our lunch.

I came out of it with total disagreement that I was not disrespecting myself in relation to the business matter at hand.

But it took me a few hours to really dig deep and soul search.

Call on my higher self or God, if you will.

I had to ask if this really was what was holding me back.

Turns out it wasn’t.

I actually respect myself in business very much.

The point of this story is this and a very important point:

I have dear friends, loving family members, business mentors, industry mentors, coaches, pastors, podcasts, well-meaning humans only wanting to help and they will FREELY speak into your life – especially if you are a SEEKER, because you want to get all the information you can get your hands on.

Sometimes they will hit the nail on the head.

HOWEVER, most of the time they will not.

Many times they will be mentoring you in areas in which they need help.

They will be mirroring back what their soul requires.

Many times.

And sometimes they’ll just be throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

The bottom line is that you have to have discernment.

Discernment for all the well-meaning words and advice thrown at you.

God gave you a brain for discernment for a reason.

The buck has to stop with you.

You are your own GURU.


Not all of the messages are meant for you.

Sometimes they are wolves in sheep’s clothing from well-meaning people that love us.

Your soul knows what it is that you have to deal with, what your next steps are and if what someone else is calling you out on is BS or not.

This hasn’t happened once in my life, this has happened MANY TIMES since I was 16. I could write a book!

People trying to give helpful advice that TOTALLY ISN’T ALIGNED with you or what your purpose or what your soul’s work is here to do.

So, do your soul a favour.

Don’t just listen and assume everyone around you knows better than you.

They don’t.

They actually never will.

You give away your power when you don’t take time to tune into your own soul and you end up like a boat being tossed aimlessly in the sea storm of life.

Honey, you ain’t going to get to your final destination when you are always taking in what every Tom, Dick & Harry has to say about your life.

Sorry, Tom. 🙂

My dad’s name is Tom, so that old saying is kinda funny and kinda true! (But I love my dad to the moon and back and totally do at least consider his words to me – not that they are always right!)

Also, this whole topic goes for the people pleasers who naturally want to make everyone happy so they take what everyone says as grains of truth – but let me tell you that your brain will explode with all that “fake truth!”

The truth about where you are at on your journey and what lessons you are learning and going through are SPECIFIC TO YOU and to your soul.

Take the time to ponder the words someone says to you.

Especially the loving pieces of advice.

You don’t need to accept them.

You don’t have to tell the person you didn’t like what they had to say.

You can just have a pact with yourself that those words of wisdom are not for you at this moment, at this time in your life.

And that’s that.

You know you best, so hold that in high confidence.

Confidence is needed here to search the soul – or TRUSTING is another word for that.

Trust your higher self. (Also, your gut – part & parcel of your soul!)

Trust it knows the best for you and how to move forward and do all those wonderful things you were meant to do here.

Take the time to drop into what you KNOW is true for you.

Tune out the noise in this noisy world.

That’s how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa


The Low Hanging Fruit Of Your Life

Low Hanging Fruit

I was recently out for a run, when I saw a Lime Tree and a few limes hanging off of it.

Low Hanging Fruit.

My eyes lit up.

There’s nothing this Canadian girl likes more than to see citrus fruit grow on an actual tree in real life.

The tree was technically in someone else’s yard, yet the tree had grown so large that it was hanging over onto the boulevard and just sitting there all content with low hanging beautiful limes.

Low enough for a Canadian jogger to come by and snatch it off the tree and then look around to see if anyone caught her stealing fruit off the side of the road.

Okay, so clearly I need to get out more, but I’m telling ya – when I brought the lime back for my Canadian friends, they were equally enthralled!

This is how my life has been lately.

I can equate it to low hanging fruit.

The “easy” offers.

The things that are literally in your way so you have to pick them.

The thing with low hanging fruit is that there is only a few pieces of it.

The bulk of the fruit is located above reach – meaning you actually have to plan to retrieve it.

It requires a ladder.

And now you can see where I’m going with this.

It requires more effort.

As much as I preach this stuff, and I know I preach it, baby, – there is so much that I know but still don’t practice – clearly.

There’s so much we all know and still don’t practice.

But more so, I know why we keep choosing the low hanging fruit in our lives.

It’s easy.

And to be fair, it’s good enough.

Being able to snatch a few pieces of low hanging fruit will get you through life, fed and probably even happy.

I’ve contemplated if that’s good, bad or ugly for me.

I mean, let’s be honest – if you are reading this, then you live a good comfy life with all the comforts of technology in your hand – why stretch and push yourself?

And I observe.

Boy, do I observe.

I feel I’m a scientist most days observing and interacting with the peoples to see what makes them tick and why we do what we do.

Psychology fascinates me, as does quantum physics.

And the best, the absolute best I can come up with as for why myself, or 99% of the world, goes for low hanging fruit is because it’s easy and we like easy.

By the way, low hanging fruit could be anything that comes your way that isn’t aligned with what you truly know you were meant for.

That’s probably the best way to say it.

It could be you chose a low hanging fruit career, business deal, marriage, relationship, job, salary, health path or lack of it.

It could be that you know you can run a marathon everyday, but choose to walk 15 minutes.

Not living into your full potential.

That’s my point.

BUT only you know that.

This is between you and God – period.

I mean one man’s 15 minute walk is another man’s marathon is another man’s ability to stand for 1 minute.

So, again, there’s no comparison here. (If you are still comparing yourself to others and you DIDN’T get the meme cross your Insta feed that comparing yourself to others is like taking poison, then I don’t think you are following the right people! 😉 )

However, there is a comparison that taps at you ever so gently deep inside.

It was programmed into our DNA.

That is to increase and advance.

To grow and fulfill.

You know and I know it.


This is honestly something that propels humanity forward.

Nature says we grow.

We watch our babies do it.

And yet, here you are not allowing yourself to be all that you can be.

This is different than pushing.

This is flow.

This is allowing your soul to be what it came to be.


You have to allow your soul to be free and go in the direction it is meant to go otherwise YOU WILL GET SICK.

Maybe not physically, but that will inevitably come once you keep denying your souls work to flow out of you.

Now, what is your soul’s work – that’s between you and God.

No one else can EVER tell you what that is – and the best part about it – seriously – is when you are doing your souls work – life will click for you.

Things will naturally fall into place.

BUT the reason your life feels like an uphill battle right now is most likely because you are denying a part of you that needs to come out.

Instead, you grabbed the low hanging fruit – the should’s, the things other’s told you were a good idea, or a great investment, or an easy job to take or a simple life – blah, blah.

You listened to others and not your soul.

That’s where this all fell apart.

You grabbed a few pieces of the easy fruit and didn’t take 5-minutes to grab the ladder to harvest & receive the good MASSIVE BOUNTY that would have changed your life because you settled for a couple pieces of what-looked-good-at-the-time low hanging fruit.

And like I said, it’s not bad to have low hanging fruit.

But there’s only so much of it and every one wants it.

When you connect to y-o-u and just between you and your higher self go deep you will naturally build a ladder to the top of all the trees and have a massive life buffet of whatever you want.

You just need to sometimes say no to low hanging fruit because it will fill your belly – sure, and it will be okay –



It will never allow you to…

Live Your Legacy!

xx L


What Happens When I Die….

What Happens When I Die

I do get excited about planning a party!

I can tell you it will be BLACK TIE & FABULOUS!

(My sisters have explicit design, decor & event details!)

I can tell you it will cost over $100K.

(That’s why you have lots of life insurance!)

Trust me when I say it’s a party I’ve planned for that I will never attend.

Although, that’s only up until I’m 80.

I have a much smaller party planned for when I die at 120 – which btw, is the age I plan on dying at.

And, I do realize, that you, dear reader, will most likely probably have pre-deceased me when I’m 120 – well, many of you anyways, so I realize the crowd will be smaller and none of my besties will really be there – maybe some nursing home lovers….

Maybe more Dom & Cristal cuvée for those still alive to make it to my funeral. 🙂

But none the less, let’s be honest – the party is all about my ego, because none of that really matters when you are gone.

You will be gone, and there will be people left behind.

And that will probably be – if you are lucky – a few lovers, a few kids, a few dogs, a few good friends, a few charities, you know…..

Or maybe you are surrounded by all those people and none of them like you…

Maybe no one does.

Maybe millions do love you.

It really doesn’t matter when you die – who likes you and who doesn’t.

Heck, it doesn’t even matter today.

What matters is what you can control.

And you can control who YOU love & how YOU love.

You can BE LOVE and demonstrate LOVE to the people you love and care about. (Yes, you can be love to the people who don’t even like you – I know – it’s a wild idea!)

How do you do that when you are dead?


You take time today.

You take 2-4 hours and think through & write down:

  • how you want your loved ones to remember you by
  • how you want to go out (final arrangements)
  • how you want your assets and your life’s work to be divided among the people
  • spend an hour and get life insurance – you probably don’t have enough and for young people it’s inexpensive!
  • spend an hour and get a will
  • draft up wishes and pull the plug documents
  • who gets the painting, the car, and the china pattern, star wars figurines..

This isn’t funny – I mean, I think it is, but only in the sense that YOU – you whom have not done this – YOU think you aren’t dying.

And sure maybe not today.

But none know the day or hour or minute.

And you haven’t done this because either:

a) you haven’t experienced the frustration and overwhelm of having to clean up someone you love’s estate

b) you really do think you aren’t dying and can’t look death in the face

Shouldn’t that scare you into making sure it’s all packaged up nicely, today.

Even at the ripe old age of 18, 25, 33, 39, 43, 48, 53, 65…..

You get my drift.

Don’t be an ASS after death and leave your family in a lurch.

There I said it. Super harsh I know.

And I damn well meant it.

You are an ADULT now.

A sane, healthy, thinking on your own adult.

Then it’s time to….


It literally only takes a couple hours!

Once and done (for many years anyways!)

And I’m not even talking the spiritual side, the “what happens” and “where do I go when I die” – that’s not for this blog. (Although, I am happy to share my beliefs any day of the week if one were to inquire.)

BUT OBVIOUSLY, as a human, I would take time to very carefully consider your options for the other side if you haven’t! 😉

Here’s the deal: You are dying – plan for your death.

I’ve seen estates go all the ways – good, bad, & ugly.

Planned deaths not executed properly.

Unplanned deaths a disaster and crippling the family left behind.

Fights, Ugliness, Unneeded Pain!

Why be the person who is adding to that?

(I mean, yes, I know people are people and still crazy even with proper distributions of assets, but you’d be surprised at how specific wishes reduces law suits, anger, tempers, wrecked relations, etc…)

Planning for your death takes one final bit of stress off of the people who will be grieving you and gives them clear instructions.

Trust me when I say, nothing is worse than having your family GUESS and FIGHT as to what your wishes were on top of trying to grieve you.

Your family is also trying to make sure they don’t screw up your legacy – which isn’t their job!

Planning for your death means lower legal fees, probate, and final expense costs – meaning there is more money for your family, friends or cause.

Don’t make what is already going to be the worst day in someone else’s life even harder.

You have the power to make someone else’s life easier, less stressful, less overwhelming on what will inevitably be one of the hardest days of their life – losing beautiful YOU.

I don’t care how old you are, if you are single, or if you have no debt or no kids under 18.

ALL the people NEED to do this. It should be law when you turn 18.

You have the choice to leave the world a better place OR increase the chaos and stress in the world – even by a little bit….

The choice is yours.

You are making your choice now as you sit and don’t do anything about it.

Don’t be THAT person.

Please spend the few hours it takes to get this organized now (or review your plan!)

That’s how you –

Live Your Legacy!


PS. If you want a checklist and sample copies of what to get ready for your estate, please go to and sign up to get all the estate planning documents!


Keep Going

Keep going.

Keep going.

Keep going.


keep going.

keep goING.

Keep Going.


K E E P G O I N G!

keep going –

keep going.


K E E P G O I N G!!!


It’s okay to stop.

It’s okay to quit.

It’s okay to do whatever the heck you want to do – seriously.

It’s okay to give up.

At the end of the day, none of this matters – don’t forget that.

Really just here for your soul to learn the lessons it needs to learn, for the experiences it needs to experience and for the soul to express its divine purpose.

So there’s no right and there’s no wrong way for you to do life.

Oh, yes, I know, people be like – “there is right and wrong” –

But there is no right or wrong way for you & your soul to travel this earthly plane.

You will travel it as you see fit and learn the lessons you are here to learn.

“They” will have their own journey.

“They” will have their own truths and opinions for you – yet still…

You will live your life – that’s your call to make.

Consequences for every action.


LOTS and LOTS of consequences (or nicely put “lessons”) that we are always stuck in receiving mode of these lessons – many of us choosing not to listen.

But your actions, choices, decisions and beliefs are all yours to make.

You are allowed to keep going or to stop, go up or down, side to side or backwards.

Just remember that today when the world throws you yet another curve ball –

cause it will.

It always will.

You are a divine creator of what this show looks like.

And don’t forget the best news ever –

If you messed it up, if it sucked before, if you had a bad run at it –

You can create a whole new story for your future.

You really can.

And in that story you create you really can have it all….

I am in a place in life where over the last few years it feels like I’m climbing uphill…. wait a minute – isn’t that the definition of climbing?!?!

Wasn’t that what I signed up for?

To get to the top of a few amazing mountain tops and look out at the view (and new perspective) from that vantage point.

Wasn’t that what you signed up for when you decided enough of this shit life? I want more for myself, and by golly, yes, you should want more for yourself and others!

I really believe – as one of my core beliefs – that we can have it all – whatever that all looks like for you.

I know I can.

This means your body, health, family life, friendships, lovers, career, job, business, financial situation – all of it!

And one of my WHYS is so that I can show it is available to others who also want to transform their lives into their dream life – not just the life handed to you at birth (albeit good or bad).

Just so you know, your soul – YOU – deep down know what your next step should look like – it’s now a matter of honouring your soul and taking that next step to keep going.

So all this climbing and half way up the mountain mud slides, pulling you back down – is just another opportunity for you to keep going.

keep going.

Keep going

Keep Going.


K E E P G O I N G ! ! !

Because your soul knows that it’s all possible.

So keep going and….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa