Tapping Into Your Power

Tapping Into Your Power

Everything you do has a consequence.


You know, the Newton thing.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

For you, there are consequences for your actions.

Good, Bad, Beautiful & Ugly.

It’s what you intend them to be.

Intentions. Set Clearly.

Did you know that you have the power to turn around every bad situation in your life single-handedly?

Did you know you have that power?

I find it really incredible that humans in general still don’t realize that they already possess this super-secret power!

Literally billions of people walking the earth not knowing they are able to access a super secret power! It’s like living in a ZOMBIE Marvel movie – where we, the zombies, haven’t woke up to our power yet!

Some people might know they have this power but forget to use it most of the time or they literally don’t realize the power that has been bestowed on them.

What’s this magic power?

The power of taking every THING that happens to you and turning it into something good, something made with love, something awesome & amazing!

What if in this moment you could take all your worry, all your pain, all your stress and disappear it magically into something good?

You have that power within you.


Do you know this? I mean REALLY know this?

Do you know that this SUPER POWER is available to you?

How do you activate it? Access it?

It’s actually simple.

  • You love. (Love solves all things!)
  • You do everything out of a place of love.
  • You find the ways to see things differently from others.
  • You trust that everything & every situation is really for your highest good – a lesson you were here to learn in this lifetime.
  • You purposely look for the good in everything. (And it’s there – you have to look hard sometimes!)
  • You forgive.
  • You set the intentions that it’s all meant to be and serves a greater purpose.
  • You see others with incredible compassion in YOUR eyes.
  • You don’t expect anything in return.
  • You don’t expect a “sorry”.
  • You don’t expect a “change of heart” from them.
  • You throw out your instruction manual for “them” and let them be “them”.
  • You pour out the love.
  • You remember your past has no bearing on who you are RIGHT NOW!
  • You stop letting your past ROB you from all that you get to create in your future.
  • You ask for help from your never ending source of love & compassion. And never-ending source it is! Tap into it! Pray, Ask, Receive!

The common word in my list above is “YOU”.

This is why this power is YOURS to use, utilize, access, activate.

It’s literally your choice, your decision to turn your world into something amazing.

I meet new people everyday.

I hear their stories.

I hear how they have been done wrong.

I know how hard this is.

I know that right now you are walking through something really awful.

I know that someone did something really awful to you.

I know that things didn’t turn out your way.

I know that things happened outside of anyone’s control, forces of nature.

I also know that you did something really awful to you – cause you are hard on yourself and don’t always treat yourself with LOVE!

It’s hard.

Life does suck and probably 50% of the time – give or take 50%.

I’ll be the first to say it.

We go through that. We have seasons in our lives that are really shitty.

There’s no sugar coating that in any way shape or form.

It’s shit.

And we all have those times in our lives.

But what still amazes me is that after all that we’ve been through and after all the wrong we’ve done to others (cause we have – no one is a pink-perfect unicorn!), we still have a hard time finding compassion for others.

We are still slinging mud at everything.

We comment on everyone’s life, especially people we don’t actually know – like people in the media, famous people – and we still feel we have the right to throw in our two cents as if our judgment will magically make another follow our instruction manual we have laid out FOR THEM.


And yet, this is why you haven’t been able to tap into that power.

Your power.

I know it.

As in, I know why at times I’m unable to access my special super powers.

There’s too much judgement going on in my brain.

There’s too much comparison going on in my brain.

There’s too much woe is me happening inside.

I know this.
You know this.

This also hinders your ability to make money!

This also hinders your growth as a business!

This also hinders your healing.

This also hinders you bringing to fruition all that you desire for you life!

Not being able to live with compassion for your world and your people will not allow you to step into FULL ABUNDANCE.

And, that sucks for you! BIG TIME!

You were created to have life to the FULL.

You were created for FULL ABUNDANCE!

And yet, YOU are the only person hindering you from reaching it.

That’s the biggest blow!

(Yes, I write this to myself!)

I am the one.

You are the one.

I am the one not allowing myself to have everything I ever wanted!

You are the one not allowing yourself to have everything you ever wanted!

The people that are very close to having everything they ever wanted are the people that realize that they are the ONLY problem in this equation and that they have the power to shift and transform their life to full abundance!

The people that are very far away from everything they desire are the people who still believe that it’s everyone else’s problem! That the world owe’s them!

And it’s just like that.

Who’s problem is it?

Your answer to that questions will let you know if you are going to find abundance, happiness, love, peace, deep joy – ALL THE GOOD THINGS!

If you don’t answer that question correctly, then you are certainly setting yourself up for a life of misery, blame, frustration, regret, anger and sadness.

When you realize you have the power to transform your world and you do just that – you……

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa