What’s Your Payoff?

What's Your Payoff?

There are 2 roads.

2 paths.

The first one is the one you’ve thus far created for your life.

It is where you are right now.

The family you have, the job, the hobbies, the love, the health, all of it.

In fact, if a scientist were to map out a prediction of your life, for probably 80% of humans, life would stay pretty close to the current trajectory you are on.

A pay raise here or maybe the odd career change there.

Similar house or neighborhoods.

Similar familiar people sprinkling in the odd new people your path crosses – like minded of course.

It’s actually a good life.

It’s comfy.

It’s cozy.

It’s good.

The payoff is you get to live in a safe, secure, somewhat happy life.

I say somewhat happy because the opposite of this life path you are on is this:

The unknown.

If you were to do something crazy and live with no fear, press play on your life and not give a damn what anyone thought, what would that look like?

The problem with doing that is that you potentially can rock the boat.

You all of the sudden are left in a precarious position of not knowing anything, having no security, having no idea what comes next.

The crazy thing about life is, there never was any security to begin with.

I mean, I tell clients that all the time.

Your life as you know it is not guaranteed, not even the GIC’s which by their very name spell lies that FOR SURE you will get your money back with interest.

Life has ZERO money back guarantees.

And we all walk around like it’s owed to us.

Like life owes us something.

And that we DESERVE guarantees and DESERVE to be compensated what we think is fair.

Meanwhile, totally adopting the victim-hood mentality.

I’ve felt like this.

We all have our moments.

After all, we do work so hard. Won’t something payoff in the end?

But, BUT, B U T… what if it never was about the getting, about getting your payoff that you think you want?

What if your life best lived meant taking the chances of doing that crazy thing you are so scared to tell your parents, like joining the circus, or becoming the world’s best video gamer or moving to Bosnia to help refugees on a missions trip.

We don’t – not all the time.

Maybe here and there.

I would say fitting in with the tribe, fear of being alone and fear of people not accepting us is the biggest thing holding us back.

Not to mention that we have set out our life trajectory and we know it’s okay.

I mean it’s not becoming a billionaire, but a very well adjusted, simple life of the thousandaire sounds fine too.

And that’s still better than the option of the other path.

The path that we deep down know is the path we are supposed to be heading down but don’t because fear holds us back.

The path unknown.

The path with no trajectory.

The path of pure adventure.

The path of pure faith.

The path where we might lose some friends for speaking out our minds and stepping fully into the person we were designed to be.

The path where we don’t know for sure who, what, when, where or how our life will turn out.

It’s the path where the only thing in the world we know is our WHY.

The path we so desperately want to go down that every time we get glimpses of what that life can look like for us we get so excited, we are dancing inside and every cell in your body is like HELL YES!

And then the glimpse is over.

You settle back into the settling of your current life.

I mean, don’t get me wrong.

I know you are still grateful. I know this is the life you wanted and maybe even dreamed about when you were 10-years-old.

But somewhere throughout your life, there was a little nudge.

You were made for something more.

It’s just that something more is totally scary.

I mean, adrenaline rush, freak-you-out SCARY.

You know it will rock the boat.

You know that people close to you will judge the pants off of you.

But then there’s the alternative.

The what if.

The dying without being able to live your legacy.

The place where your soul dies long before your physical house does.

This is why there is so much depression in the world.

Mark my words.

People are not living their purpose.

And they are too scared to do anything about it.

All the fears come up.

And so, we sit and suck up the incremental pay increases at our jobs, the suburbs and our white picket fences and don’t get to share who we fully are with the world.

The world is sad.

Why is the world sad?

The world didn’t get to hear your gifts.

The world wanted you to show up and you didn’t.

You are letting down the world by not sharing your gift.

Did you know that?

This isn’t some pity-party for yourself, you are literally letting the world down by not fully doing the thing you were meant to do.

Sell it sister.

You are also letting the world down by not fully making the money you know you can make.

You are also lying to the people you love by showing them the ‘fake’ you.

You need to know that the people that don’t support and love you for who you are and the ‘real’ you (when you FINALLY decide to show up in your GLORIOUS-GOD-MADE form) aren’t your people.

Do you hear me?

The haters in your life that aren’t absolutely in love with all your crazy, wild, living-full-out- BITS of you AREN’T YOUR PEOPLE.

New people – your ‘real’ people will show up.

It’s trust.

It’s trusting that when you press play on your life that your PAYOFF will be GREATER than you ever imagined.

It’s just taking that first step.

It’s just the deep faith, the deep belief and deep trust that you get to live the life you were meant to live.

The crazy unknown adventure.

Living a life that NO ONE could ever plot a trajectory map for because it’s going to be a WILD ride.

You were made for the adventure.

You were made for the GREAT unknown.

Scary as it is, you have to…..

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. The blog image is of the sunset this morning while I was writing. 🙂