You Can’t Mess It Up

You Can't Mess It Up

You just can’t mess any of it up.

You can’t mess up your life.

You can’t mess up your money.

I sat with one of my gorgeous clients last week who was worried she was going to mess up investing and “do it wrong.”

I talk with friends daily who don’t want to end up with the wrong person, wrong business, wrong job, wrong plans, wrong trips, the wrong life.

This is a COMMON theme amongst us people.

We don’t want to mess up.

We want to get out of life in ONE PIECE.

All pretty and put together.


PSA: People who die in one piece and all put together were BORING! (Sorry-not-sorry!) They probably didn’t live to their potential and died with that as their biggest regret.

The reason you can’t mess up ANYTHING in your life is because every thing that happens to you – good, bad, ugly – (yes, even the ugly yuck that’s happened to you) and ever decision, choice you made, make, or will make in the future is for your highest good.

I would beg of you to take this on as one of your core beliefs as it TOTALLY helps eliminate STRESS, WORRY, FEAR, etc. in your life.

Your life is like a movie and you know that the ending is going to turn out just perfect – but it needed to have all those “mess ups” and “challenges” to overcome so you CAN get to the ending – where it’s okay.

And even if you don’t make the ending okay, it’s still perfect.

People try so hard to help other people from making mistakes.

Parents try so hard to help their kids from making mistakes.

Loving family and friends are always out and want the best for you – again, trying to help throw their 2 cents into your life in order to help you not make mistakes.


Growth, increase and expansion can ONLY happen through “doing it wrong”.

For the most part, the world is not at PEACE with mistakes.

It’s definitely not a widely held belief that ALL THINGS HAPPEN FOR OUR HIGHEST GOOD.

What if all the bad in the world was supposed to be there?

That’s deep soul thing to sit with for a minute.

I’m not saying that ‘bad’ doesn’t need to go, I’m just saying that we use the ‘bad’ to help move humanity forward. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

The planet has made it this far, it was for our highest good.

We now house the most humans this planet has ever seen.

Something worked.

And there was a lot of bad.

Thousands of years of bad stuff that happened to the humans.

And we made it.

So you are having this life experience right now – right?

You are worried that you are going to make a BIG mistake that you can’t get out of?

Bankruptcy. Go out of Business. Get a disease. Marry the wrong person. Buy the wrong house. Invest in a losing stock. Trust the wrong people.

You maybe aren’t taking the risks necessary to help you achieve your goals in fear of losing it all and messing up your entire life, including those of your partner, kids, parents, etc.

I want to pour out some BIG time grace to you.

You will be okay because all this was your journey.


But that’s the deal we humans got.

There is an expiry date at some point, but until then….

You can’t mess up the life experience that you were called to have.

Isn’t that great news.

You will learn your lesson.

Your lesson may come because:

  • you overspend
  • you underspend
  • you are stingy with your money
  • you blow every last cent you earn plus more
  • you invested in bad real estate
  • you hold on to long
  • you hold on too short
  • you stayed out of obligation
  • you didn’t stay
  • you ran away
  • you didn’t eat right
  • you did eat right and still got sick
  • you didn’t exercise
  • you did exercise

You MUST TRUST that your lessons will be the perfect lessons for you and TRUST that these lessons are here to serve you and help you achieve what you envision for your life!

Repeat after me:

All that is happening right now is for my highest good.

If you can believe that, to your core, without a shadow of a doubt – it will take the STING off of all the shitty things that are happening to you right now.

The money you don’t have. The business that’s sucking. The health challenge right now. The relationship that’s not healthy.


Make peace with where you are at.

Know, with the knowing of the universe, with the PEACE-that-passes-understanding (meaning peace that no human brain should comprehend because it’s from a source greater than you), THAT THIS IS HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE.

It is not easy.

It is not fair.

But it’s how it’s supposed to be.

You can’t make a mistake big enough.

You can’t mess up your life bad enough.

You can’t invest wrong.

You can’t wreck your life – even when you try.

Find peace and know that….

You can’t mess it up.

So that means, you have to….

Take action with faith knowing you can’t mess it up.

Which is essentially what I mean when I say….

Live Your Legacy!

xx L